Kaley Cuoco ‘Running Back To’ Ex And ‘Big Bang Theory’ Co-Star Johnny Galecki After Filing Divorce?

Are Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki getting back together? The Big Bang Theory stars used to date, and one report says Cuoco has rushed to him amidst her divorce.

‘Kaley’s Gung-Ho For ‘Big Bang’ Bond’

The National Enquirer reports that Cuoco is already rushing back to Galecki whale she finalizes her split from Karl Cook. Even though Cuoco has married twice since dating Galecki, sources say he’s “always been in her heart.” The two secretly fell in love behind the scenes of Big Bang Theory and quietly dated for a few years, a source explains.

“Kaley feels like there’s unfinished business there,” the insider says. “She and Johnny never got the chance to have a proper relationship because they had to hide it from the world while working on the show.” Cuoco and Galecki were forced to play lovers even though they had broken up in real life. A source concludes, “Now, Johnny and Kaley are both free to get back together to renew their love.”

What’s Going On With Kaley Cuoco?

This story completely hand waves multiple marriages and even children as unimportant. Those marriages, two for Cuoco and one for Galecki, are solid proof that both have already moved on from their relationship. Just because former partners happen to get single at the same time hardly means a Bennifer-esque reunion is guaranteed.

Us Weekly, a slightly more reliable source, exclusively revealed a very different story about Cuoco’s love life. A source said the Flight Attendant star has “countless guys who would love to date her,” but her mind is not on romance. “Now is not the time… she really wants to take this time to focus on herself and focus on her upcoming roles.” Us Weekly has a checkered history and isn’t always reliable, but at the very least this proves there’s no consensus about a Galecki and Cuoco pairing.

The Big Bang Theory was one of the top-rated shows of its time, so we aren’t surprised the Enquirer would invent real-life romance connected to it. Tabloids often claim David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are dating for the exact same reasons: TV couples make for juicy tabloid couples regardless of if they’re actually dating or not.

Other Tall Tales

This tabloid ran an almost identical story when Galecki and Alaina Meyer broke up. It claimed he was digitally flirting with Cuoco. This wasn’t true, and it revealed how desperate the tabloid is to make this pairing an item. The Enquirer also claimed Cuoco was pregnant in 2018, but no baby ever arrived. These bogus stories prove the tabloid has no insight into Cuoco’s life whatsoever.


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