Kanye West Donda LIVE – Marilyn Manson, DaBaby & Kim at Chicago listening party where he ‘sampled globglogabgalab meme’


While many fans couldn’t hold back their excitement for the show to end, many became upset when they learned Jay-Z’s verse in the song is now performed by DaBaby, 29.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Get dababy OUT of here.”

Another added: “He replaced Jay z for dababy I’m sick.”

Alongside a gif of Chrissy Teigen cringing, a third chimed in: “Not dababy on the first track…”

The backlash continued as another upset fan wrote: “WHY DID HE ADD F**KING DABABY THE SONG WAS GOOD WITHOUT HIM ON HERE.”

An additional viewer wrote: “Jay z replaced by dababy??! kanye fumbling rn.”

“get dababy OUT of here,” another Twitter user pleaded.

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