Karen Huger Says Robyn Dixon Is “Committed To” Gizelle Bryant “Regardless Of What She Says Or Does”

Karen Huger Says Robyn Dixon Is “Committed To” Gizelle Bryant “Regardless Of What She Says Or Does

As long as Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, and Gizelle Bryant are cast members on the Real Housewives of Potomac, there will be the core interactions between them.  Karen has bickered with Gizelle since Season One, and Gizelle retaliates by badgering her in a very humorous way.  Robyn will follow Gizelle’s lead, only that she is not able to produce those pithy zingers that her mentor does.  When Robyn does step outside of Gizelle’s shadow, it often has to do with specific interactions with other cast members.

So it’s the dynamic of this trio with the remainder of the cast mix.  And it’s volatile already.  Gizelle and Karen got into it at Wendy Osefo’s Happiness Party.  Karen retaliated to Gizelle’s comments about her drinking by calling her a “hot box.”  Newbie Mia Thornton is already blacklisted by Gizelle and Robyn because of her prior friendship with Karen.  It’s also interesting that with Monique Samuels gone, Candiace Dillard Bassett is stepping up as an alpha of the group.  And it seems is already challenging Gizelle claim to that title.  How will Robyn react to that and any other changes in the group?  Can Karen and Gizelle ever find common ground?

Karen remains optimistic, though Gizelle is the one that has to put forth all the effort.  She told Entertainment Tonight that, “I’m always hopeful but unfortunately Gizelle is slow to change.  And I am just in a point in my life where I am at acceptance of those and the actions they bring. I’m always hopeful that she will get on the bandwagon because all of the ladies, we are having a great time and I am friends with everyone.”

According to Karen, Gizelle and Robyn are basically interchangeable so one can’t move forward without the other. She commented on her relationship with Robyn.  “Even though Robyn is her ride or die and I have much respect for that, we have our moments because of her commitment to Gizelle regardless of what she says or does.”


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Karen does insinuate that if Robyn can kiki with all the other ladies, including Mia, that Gizelle may have to let her guard down.  The dynamic within the group has certainly changed since Monique left.

Karen continued, “I’m still OK with Robyn, and Mia, Wendy and Ashley [Darby] and Candiace. We are just having a great time. I’m just hoping that Gizelle will get on the bandwagon with the ladies and change. Change is going to be required because these women are dynamic and they’re not taking the bullying anymore and they don’t have to. So she’ll have to come correct. Am I hopeful about our relationship? I always have a small amount of hope for us because we were good in the day.”

There’s always next season.


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