Kate Hudson Welcoming Baby No. 4 With Danny Fujikawa?

Is Kate Hudson ready for baby number four with fiance Danny Fujikawa? Per one magazine, the actress is “hoping to add another baby” to her and Fujikawa’s life shortly after their wedding.

Kate Hudson And Danny Fujikawa Excited For Another Child?

“Kate & Danny: Wedding And A Baby” reads the headline from Star. According to the outlet, the couple is ready to move things along quickly after their impending wedding ceremony, which is generating a lot of excitement. An insider close to Hudson leaks the wedding is going to be “something beachy, barefoot in the sand…beautiful but carefree surrounded by family and friends.”

Shortly after the wedding, the source says Hudson and Fujikawa are ready for their second child together. “It’s no secret among her friends that Kate’s been yearning to have another child,” the tipster leaks. Apparently, Hudson’s family is completely on board with the idea of another kid, including her mom, Goldie Hawn. “Goldie says Kate and Danny are the perfect match!” adds the insider.

Are Kate Hudson And Danny Fujikawa Really Having Another Kid?

So is there any truth behind this narrative? It’s true that Hudson and Fujikawa are engaged, happy, and will probably have a lovely wedding. However, for the tabloid to immediately jump right to a pregnancy speculation is a little rude and based only on the word of an unnamed “insider.”

Hudson has mentioned in the past that she’s open to having more kids, though. “I don’t know if I’m done [having kids] yet,” Hudson admitted on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Essentially, Hudson and Fujikawa’s future could certainly include another baby, but the tabloid’s making a blind assumption about something that’s none of its business.

A History Of False Pregnancy Rumors

It’s apparent Star doesn’t actually have the “insiders” it quotes for most of its articles, as there has been a slew of false pregnancy rumors from this tabloid. It once reported that Gwen Stefani was on bed rest due to the stress of being pregnant with twins. Stefani was instead perfectly fine and not pregnant.

The tabloid also claimed Meghan Markle was placed on bed rest as she expected twin girls. “Meghan is expecting not one baby but two,” an insider said. The story was completely bogus. Markle and Prince Harry were expecting a baby girl, not twins, and she didn’t have any sort of experience close to the tabloid claims. It almost seems like the magazine hopes to get lucky with one of the several pregnancy stories it releases.


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