Kate Lawler’s holiday ruined as she’s left bed-ridden by grim sickness bug

Big Brother winner and radio star Kate Lawler was struck with a nasty case of norovirus in the first few days of her idyllic holiday.

It was her first trip abroad since giving birth to baby daughter, Noa, who was born in February.

Having planned a dream trip to the Portuguese coast with her fiancé, Boj, her mum and dad and seven-month-old Noa, things soon became a nightmare.

The Virgin Radio host, 41, and first ever female winner of Big Brother was bed ridden and had to endure 12 hours of on and off vomiting.

Sharing the illness that had hit her and her fiancé with her 383, 000 Instagram followers, Kate wrote: “Wanted a sun tan, we got norovirus instead.

The TV personality was glad her baby daughter didnt get sick and only her and her fiance did


“Thanks for all your lovely well wishes. I just managed to eat something and not throw up.”

Former Made in Chelsea star Ashley James wished the pair well, commenting on her post: “Nooooo. Hope you feel better lovely.”

Great British Bake Off’s Liam Charles wrote: “Rest up soldier,” as loving support for the pair.

On her Instagram stories, Kate had updated fans on her holiday break, saying: “Boj called the doctor as I’ve been sick for over 12 hours.

Kate got honest about how terrible she was feeling
Kate got honest about how terrible she was feeling

“He did a covid test to rule that out. Thank goodness it was negative. He said norovirus is rife in Quinta do Lago at the minute.”

Getting real about her situation, Kate shared: “Also I stink. Not showered since yesterday. DESGUSTANG. [sic]

“I’m so hungry as well but Doc advised me not to eat until I’ve not been sick for six hours. 3.5 hours to go until dry toast. YAY.”

Kate’s entire family, her parents, siblings, fiancé and daughter are luckily all with her on holiday for support and remedies.

Kate eventually got to fully enjoy her holiday and has her last night in Portugal tonight
Kate eventually got to fully enjoy her holiday and has her last night in Portugal tonight

The TV and radio presenter found strength to share a sweet picture of her whole family as they had all gathered for their first family holiday since the mid-nineties.

“The last time my Mum, Dad and us four kids were abroad together was in 1996!” Kate wrote with a happy family photo by their villa pool.

She continued: “Felt quite surreal yesterday us all being here at the same time. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to spend time together with them all out here in Portugal, along with my beautiful niece as well (who was having a nap along with Noa when this photo was taken, just in case anyone asks).”

Kate was still able to enjoy lapping up the sun
Kate was still able to enjoy lapping up the sun

Referring to her fiancé, Kate wrote: “The Handsome is feeling a bit better today as well, thanks for your lovely messages, so hopefully we can have a lovely chilled day by the pool.”

Kate’s fans adoringly sent her well wishes and joy that she was feeling better

One wrote: “So sorry you are not well, but the good news is that norovirus usually goes away in about two days, so you will be eating the mini cornettos and tofu burgers again very soon and feeling more perky.”

Another empathetically said: “I’m so sorry, guys. I feel for you. You so bl**dy deserved this holiday and this happens. Sending you my best wishes xx.”

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