Kate Moss Sparks Friends’ Fears She’s ‘Off The Wagon’ Amid Wild Partying?

Are Kate Moss‘s friends worried she’s no longer sober? One tabloid claims the supermodel has fallen off the wagon after reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp. Here’s what we know about Moss’ rumored relapse.

Kate Moss ‘Back To Her Party-Girl Ways’?

This week, New Idea reports Kate Moss’ friends are worried about her following her “wild trip” to Ibiza last month. Word is she met up with her old flame Johnny Depp during her trip, and his bad influence sent her over the edge. “This is not good news,” an insider dishes to the tabloid. “She’s done so well — she’s been sober since 2018 when a close friend died of a heart attack at age 49.”

The tipster goes on, “It was a real wake-up call, but since lockdown restrictions lifted, the worry is that she’s taken an inch and gone a mile.” But the tabloid speculates Moss and Depp’s reunion wasn’t a one-time thing. According to the magazine, Moss and Depp are planning to make a movie together about their lives. The tabloid explains, “They both agree that they would prefer to be in control of what the project looks like.”

Kate Moss, Johnny Depp ‘Hatching Plans’ For A Biopic?

After looking into the claims, we were unable to find any evidence to back up the tabloid’s story. While it’s true Moss was pictured letting loose during her trip to Ibiza, there’s absolutely no evidence that she was drinking or doing drugs — aside from sneaking a quick cigarette on the balcony. It’s also worth noting that Depp wasn’t spotted in any of those photos. Besides, Moss looked perfectly fine as she and her daughter walked the runway dripping in Versace for Milan Fashion Week.

And we seriously doubt she’s rekindling anything with Johnny Depp. As far as we can tell, she and Depp live in completely different worlds now. Moss also happens to be spoken for. The supermodel has been dating photographer Nikolai von Bismarck since 2015 and was spotted leaving the Versace after party with him just last week. We’re sure her partner wouldn’t be crazy about her doing drugs with her ex, making us think it never happened. And since the tabloid failed to mention any of this, it’s hard to trust anything it has to say about the model.

Other Celebrity Relapse Stories

This isn’t the first time we’ve busted a tabloid for exploiting a celebrity’s substance abuse or mental health issues to sell magazines. Not long ago, we busted the National Enquirer for claiming Wendy Williams had hit “rock bottom.” And then the same outlet alleged Johnny Depp was on a “downward spiral.” The tabloid also claimed Robert Downey Jr. was “reeling” towards relapse. It’s clear these tabloids have no respect for the sensitive topic of addiction, and their input should be disregarded entirely.


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