Kathryn Dennis And Thomas Ravenel’s Kids Moved In With Him After She Lost Custody

Kathryn Dennis And Thomas Ravenel’s Kids Move In With Him After She Lost Custody

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis always brought the drama to Southern Charm.  We witnessed the early days of their relationships, Kathryn’s surprise pregnancies, multiple breakups and and meltdowns.  It all made for fantastic reality TV fodder, but sobering when one considers the affect all this instability had on their children, Kensie and Saint.

It was official in March of this year.  After filing on October 23, 2020, Thomas won full custody of Kensie and Saint after making a case that claimed Kathryn was an unfit mother.  At the time, Thomas expressed his plan to relocate the children to his estate in Aiken, South Carolina over the summer.

The Sun obtained court records and reported that Kathryn was accused of drug use, among other things. A mutual friend told Thomas that he saw Kathryn doing cocaine while on a family trip with her boyfriend Chleb Ravenell.  According to Thomas, “he informed me that he witnessed a lot of cocaine use during this trip and that Kathryn had left cocaine within grasp of the children, which he thought was dangerous.”

Kathryn’s official response in court was, ” I do not use cocaine so naturally I have not left any out for our children to access.”  Kathryn was compliant about taking a drug test if Thomas, “pays for it and takes one as well.”

Another claim was that Kathryn neglected her responsibilities as a mother.  Kathryn admitted that three out of four times Kensie was late for school happened on her watch.  Basic hygiene was allegedly an issue as well.  Thomas said the children were returned to him, “filthy and unkempt.”  “When the children are picked up after their week with Kathryn,” Thomas continued, “they are filthy, their hair is matted, they smell and the are unusually tired and irritable.  During the summer they were routinely returned without shoes. Saint is regularly returned wearing clothes that are so small on him, they leave marks on his skin.”


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“This is untrue” Kathryn responded, “my children are always well dressed and clean when in my care and I am often complimented on how cute they look.”

Finally, Kathryn was alleged to have left the children unsupervised, “on multiple occasions.”  Thomas hired an investigator who witnessed Kathryn leaving the children home alone on two occasions.  Once in July at 1:48am, and once in August at 3:17am.  Thomas commented on this behavior in court.  He wrote, “during the time Kathryn was gone, Kensie and Saint are seen alone in front of the house.  THIS IS TERRIFYING.”  Kathryn only responded that it was “untrue.”

The 10,000 sq-ft, also known as “The Balcony,” is the safe environment positioned on 5.82 acres of land.  It boasts seven bedrooms, sevens bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, 10 foot ceilings, french doors, and fluted woodwork.  The typical details you’d expect in a Ravenel home.  There’s a guest house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Polo player Thomas made sure to buy a home with an eighteen stable barn.  Other outdoor amenities include a swimming pool and a six-door barn.

It’s certainly a place you’d expect the next generation of Ravenel children to live.  Thomas happily shared videos of the children in their new home.  One shows Saint and Kensie playing by the pool as they scream, “Best Daddy!”  Thomas also shared a picture of Kensie in her new room.  He captioned it, “so thrilled to have my daughter in our new home.”

All appearances aside, the children seem to be flourishing under their father’s care.  A source reported to The Sun that the Saint and Kensie exhibited a “marked improvement” since moving in with Thomas.  The source elaborated that, “in Kensie’s latest report card, her teacher wrote that ‘Kensie is starting to SOAR academically. Her reading is taking off and she rarely needs assistance in math.’”  And, “the school administrator remarked on Saint’s recent stark behavioral improvement.”


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