Kathy Griffin Protects Her Health By Getting COVID-19 Booster Shots.

Comedian Kathy Griffin is making sure her health is her number one priority as she started the week off by getting her third COVID-19 shot. She shared an image of the process on social media.

On Tuesday, Kathy Griffin, 60, took to Instagram and Twitter to share an image of her getting some shots. In the photo, she sat in a chair wearing sunglasses and a face mask with one hand on her waist.

The hand on her waist was exposed all the way up to her shoulder, and a bandage was plastered on. Her other arm was also open as a medical professional administered a shot.

On her social media posts, the comedian explained she’d gotten her 3rd Moderna booster shot and the flu shot. Showing how fearsome and brave she was, Griffin captioned her posts, writing:

On her Instagram caption, she also urged her fans to “get vaccinated” using a hashtag. The “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” star got her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in May 2021.

She joked at the time that Dolly Parton, one of the funders of the Moderna vaccine, had put a 5G mind control chip in her head, and she loved it. The star also included an Instagram image of the immunization.

The star [Kathy Griffin] was heavily criticized for the post and [Anderson] Cooper allegedly “ghosted” her…

She explained then that the surgery had to be done even though she’d never smoked before the diagnosis. The star said the disease was contained to her left lung, and doctors were optimistic.

Griffin hoped she wouldn’t need radiation or chemotherapy after the operation. She also expected to be back to functioning and breathing normally and hoped to be moving around per usual in a month or so.

Early last month, the Emmy Award-winner seemed to be healing well as she was seen on an outing. The comedian was spotted with her husband, Randy Bick, running errands in Los Angeles.

Griffin might be doing well healthwise, but one friendship she might never get back is the one she had with Anderson Cooper. Every year, fans tuned in to watch the pair drop the ball for their CNN New Year’s Eve special.

Their bond came to an end when Griffin uploaded a photo of her holding a Donald Trump-looking head. The star was heavily criticized for the post, and Cooper allegedly “ghosted” her before she ended their friendship.


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