Kathy Griffin Speaks In First Video After Lung Cancer Surgery

Kathy Griffin is already back trying to make people laugh and be happy!

The 60-year-old comedian shared her first video on Saturday, August 8, after having half her left lung removed. Griffin has been open and honest about her situation and recovery since telling the world hours before she went under the knife on August 2. She revealed that the surgery was “a little more than I had anticipated” but seemed in good spirits in her first video post.


“My voice is like, really hoarse and I don’t want to like, scare people,” she said with a giggle.

Despite her struggles, she revealed that her sense of humor has only gotten better… and possibly a little darker.

“I’m laughing at even that notion,” she joked about scaring people, “For some reason, I’m laughing at everything now. And if it’s horrible, I laugh way more!”

Recovery Games

Griffin, whose act is filled with celebrity stories, played a game with her followers, shared five pictures of beautiful flower arrangements, and encouraged them to match the flowers with the celeb that sent them. “Fun game! Match the photo of the gorgeous flowers with the celebrity name of who you think sent them to me. I’ll post the correct answers later tonight!” Kathy wrote alongside her post. She included the names of some very thoughtful famous friends. Kris Jenner, Rachael Ray, Suze Orman, Paula Abdul, and Sia were the choices she provided. Can you guess which arrangement belongs to who?

She posted the results, but we don’t want to spoil the game. Click here for the answer.

Home At Last

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As we previously mentioned, Kathy said the surgery was more than she expected, but she happily returned home earlier this week and was greeted by her best friends.

“Home from the hospital and greeted by my board certified medical PAWfessional recovery pack,” she quipped while taking a seat by her pool.

Griffin was moved by the love and support she received. “Sending you so much love and healing ❤️‍🩹🙏🏻,” Lisa Rinna commented, while Gloria Estefan said, “Stay strong, woman! Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your recovery…✌️😘❤️🎶🙏🏻☀️.”

Kristin Davis encouraged her to spend more time with her dogs. “Sending all the love Kathy. Enjoy those precious puppy kisses ❤️,” she wrote.

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