Katie Flood Never Had A ‘Horrible’ Boss

Below Deck Med star Katie Flood talked about “horrible” bosses. The chief stew has had a rough go during her season. As fans already know, she’s been struggling to get along with stew Lexi Wilson. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Lexi won’t be staying there much longer.

A new stew will replace her on Monday’s upcoming episode. The midseason trailer came out last week and it spoiled a few details. Fans already know that Lexi leaves the yacht, but they don’t know if it’s because she’s fired or if she quits on the spot. There have been moments where either could’ve happened.

Below Deck Med star Katie Flood never had a “horrible” boss

Katie Flood made an appearance with her fellow crew members on the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. She talked about that tender moment between her and deckhand Lloyd Spencer. The new chief stew is lucky that she never had a “horrible” boss. However, that could all change since the trailer showed Captain Sandy Yawn telling Katie to “woman up.”

“I’ve never worked with or had anyone that horrible,” Katie reveals in her interview.

The video shows a clip of Katie comforting Lloyd. He opened up to the crew about his sexuality. Most of them rallied around and gave him a hug. Lloyd cried as he shared his first time working on a yacht. His previous boss harassed and bullied him.

“I was treated like a piece of s*** by my captain,” he told Katie.

During the interview, Katie said she never had a boss like that. “I’ve never worked with or had anyone that horrible,” she says.

“No one deserves that for any reason,” Lloyd’s fellow deckhand David Pascoe said.

Then it goes to a clip of Katie struggling with Lexi once again. She tells Chef Mathew Shea that she has no idea what the third stew has been up to. “I don’t know what f*** Lexi has been doing since six-thirty in the morning,” Katie says while rinsing a glass in the sink.

Mathew said in his interview that Lexi didn’t pull her weight. Fellow stew Courtney Veale had a feeling that Lexi was “doing everything s***y” during that shift so she didn’t have to work that shift again. In the scene, Lexi confronts Katie and explained that she was “doing 20 different things.”

Lexi Wilson explains why she struggled that morning

The Below Deck Med troublemaker filmed a separate interview. Lexi said it was hard to do her job with the demanding charter guests who kept drinking. They wanted more and more drinks. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the demand.

“The interior, with that amount of guests and their drinking ability and the amount of drinks they’re taking now it’s impossible to keep up with one girl,” the former beauty pageant queen explained.”

[Credit: Lexi Wilson/Instagram]

Lexi and Katie weren’t the only ones having issues. Malia talked about her little quarrel with Captain Sandy. Apparently, the girl was just “hangry.” But she also didn’t like it when Sandy pestered her about the pool floats.

What are your thoughts on Katie’s revelation she’s never had a “horrible” boss? Who do you think is the best boss in the franchise? Sound off below in the comments.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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