Katie Flood Says Lexi Wilson Is Great At One Thing

Below Deck Med star Katie Flood shared her praises for Lexi Wilson. She revealed that there is one thing that the former stew was good at. As fans know, Lexi’s time is slowly coming to an end. Last week, the midseason trailer came out and it doesn’t look good for her. Her yachting days could come to an end as there’s a fresh face on board.

Captain Sandy Yawn even teased that she’s looking forward to the next episode. It appears that she either fires Lexi or she walks off the boat. Either way, fans will have to watch to see what happens. In the meantime, Katie shared her thoughts on Lexi’s work ethic.

She’s good at this one thing

The Below Deck Med Season 6 chief stew discussed Lexi’s work ethic. Some of her fellow crewmates accused her of “slacking” on the job. In a previous episode, Lexi walks around in circles. She didn’t know what to do that morning. She doesn’t set the table for breakfast, while Katie can’t get ahold of her.

She’s constantly reminding Lexi about what she has to get done. Lexi says she’s on it, but at the same time, she’s feeling overwhelmed. In an interview on the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show, Katie admitted that Lexi was good at one aspect of her job.

[Credit: Katie Flood/Instagram]“Lexi is great in front of guests. She was amazing!” Katie said about the first few charters. “But then I think as time went on, her attitude got the better of her. And I don’t know if it was me or whatever it was, but she just started slacking in my eyes. And for me, that’s completely unacceptable. If I’m called away for whatever reason, I should be able to call on her, and she knows how to do the job. So, these little mistakes are completely unacceptable in my eyes.”

Below Deck Med star Lexi Wilson thinks she did a good job

Of course, Lexi has a different opinion. In her interview on the Below Deck Med After Show, she claims that she put in a lot of effort. Lexi thinks they were short-staffed even though it’s common to see a chief stew work with two stewardesses. Most of the Below Deck franchise has shown it this way.

“For this size yacht it runs with four stewardesses, so we’re already short-handed based on the size of the yacht and how much crew is needed to service this yacht,” Lexi explained. “So, in the interior with that amount of guests, and their drinking ability, and the amount of drinks they’re taking down, it’s impossible to keep up with one [stew]. And you have to bear in mind that we have different duties as well.”

[Credit: YouTube]

[Credit: YouTube]In the previous episode, Katie had Lexi on breakfast service. This allowed Courtney Veale to gain more experience at night service. Courtney feels that Lexi purposely did terrible at that shift because she didn’t like the schedule rotation. Chef Mathew Shea agrees and says that it was obvious that Lexi intentionally was doing a bad job out of pettiness.

The Season 6 midseason trailer shows her leaving the boat. But how? No one knows yet. A new stew will show up later this season. Katie regrets giving Lexi the position of second stew because she wasn’t “good enough” for the job.

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