Katie Holmes Moving To LA To Date A Celebrity?

Is Katie Holmes schlepping her life across the country? One report says she’s leaving New York City and heading to Los Angeles so she can date a famous man. Gossip Cop investigates.

Katie Holmes ‘Ditching NYC?’

Holmes is ubiquitous with New York City, but she’s struggling to stay there after her split with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. An insider says she’s “ready to move on… in more ways than one,” and she’s seriously considering moving to LA. While the relationship with Vitolo was fun, an insider says, “she’s ready to do what’s best for her.”

In Hollywood, “it will be easier to date someone who she knows isn’t in it for the fame,” the source says. Holmes also wants to network over there to help get her directorial career going. The Batman Begins star left LA behind when she broke up with Tom Cruise, but now she’s more confident than ever. A tipster concludes, “She loves the city and plans to keep her residence there, but she wants to be where the action is and show people what she’s got.”

Is Katie Holmes Leaving New York?

This story was originally published in June. She’s still in New York City, so this story was way off base. The tabloid was just hoping to capitalize on her split with Vitolo, but they’re on fine terms. Vitolo is one of the stars in the Holmes produced Almost A Year, and both are happy to promote the project. There doesn’t appear to be bad blood here, and certainly not enough to warrant a cross-country move.

The tabloid lists two reasons for Holmes to head back to LA: dating a celebrity and getting work. The Big Apple is also a hub for the film industry and is loaded with famous faces in its own right. This story may make sense if Holmes was moving from, say, the suburbs or Dubai, but she’s still very much in the thick of it.

Other Holmes Tales

This story is yet another bogus story from OK! about Holmes. Back in January, it promised she would raise a family with Vitolo, but that didn’t happen. It then claimed Jamie Foxx was ready for a booty call, but both he and Holmes have moved on. In 2019, it promoted a tell-all interview with Holmes, but that didn’t happen. The cavalcade of false claims means this is not a tabloid you can trust. Holmes is still a New Yorker, and this tabloid still has no idea what it’s talking about.


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