Katie Price Set For A Showdown On ‘Celebrity MasterChef’

Katie Price is a bada** English media personality and model, but that is not all there is to the 43-year-old. The presenter is set to compete against other famous people on “Celebrity MasterChef” this month.

“Celebrity MasterChef” is a British television cooking show that now has a broadcasting channel in over 60 countries around the globe. The show features amateur cooks to compete during different stages by presenting delicious meals throughout each stage, in order to win at the end of the day.

Although the show calls for non-professional cooks, make no mistake that the competition can be very difficult, especially when everyone knows that being crowned the winner can pave the way for  more opportunities.

Per SomersetLive, Price will be cooking a bomb meal that may or may not earn her the grand prize. The other stars that she is competing with include; Will Kirk, Dion Dublin, Melissa Johns, and Joe Swash.

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A Challenging Journey

Price is determined to be crowned the winner of the show, and for this, she will have to go through a series of hurdles, keeping in mind that at the slightest mistake, she is kissing that crown goodbye.

Over the years, viewers have seen how tiring every stage of the show can be, and those who do not have what it takes to go on, are immediately cut off. This means that even with determination, one can be faced with unexpected challenges on the show. However, this does not take away from the fun of having to cook incredible and delicious meals.

BBC One will broadcast the first stage of the show at 9pm on August 23, 2021 with the usual hosts, Gregg Wallace and John Torode. This phase will be a wake-up call for Price as she will have to think on her feet till the very end, when she presents her dish.

‘Under The Cloche’

Some viewers consider the first stage of the show called Under The Cloche very difficult because it gives no warning and takes away the context of freedom, replacing it with limitations.

During this one-hour phase, the contestants will be given a cloche, and when the time starts, they are required to lift the cloche to see the special ingredient they have been given to work with. Talk about an element of surprise.

During this stage, participants are required not to have fixed thought regarding what they want to cook, because underneath their cloches, are different ingredients for different meals. Also, they have to use this ingredient to make a meal from start to finish.

In the past, many participants were taken by surprise at first, but found a way to recover after they began the cooking process.

The Street Food Stage

After Price narrowly escapes the first round, she will then be faced with an even greater challenge that many fans dread for their favorites.

This stage suggests that for someone to be crowned a cook, he or she should be able to use their taste buds in incredible ways. Speaking of incredible, Price will be asked to taste a popular Jamaican dish that will no doubt be foreign to her taste buds. The dish comprises of escovitch fish with festival dumplings.

After she has had her fill of tasting, she will then be required to explicitly mention the various ingredients used to create this meal. Not only that, she and the other participants present, will be asked to re-create this dish using their imaginations alone. Remember that while preparing this dish, Price will not be given a cook-book or guide to follow.

All she has at this stage is her intuition as a good cook. Will she wow the judges during this phase? Who knows.

The Dinner Party Dish

Everyone has that special dish that they love serving when guests come over, and no doubt Katie Price does too.

The final stage of BBC’s “Celebrity MasterChef” called Dinner Party Dish, is relatively regarded as the easiest stage according to fans and viewers, because it is the time that contestants are given the freedom to express themselves through cooking. In essence, during this stage anything goes, as the judges want to be taken aback in every way.

Price will have to come up with a special, enticing, and appetizing dish that she loves serving her guests at home. The judges want to see how far the presenter will go to make them savor her meal. When this test has been completed, one of the celebrity cooks will be asked to leave the show.

Price’s fans are rooting for her as she embarks on this incredible journey, and hope that no matter what happens at the end, she enjoys the ride.

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