Katie Thurston Has Hilarious Run-In With Blake’s Ex (VIDEO)
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Katie Thurston Has Hilarious Run-In With Blake’s Ex (VIDEO)

It’s a small world, after all. Katie Thurston shared the video of her hilariously awkward run-in with Blake’s ex. Earlier this week, she shared another video pranking her fiance, causing him to yell an expletive. Stay on this page to see both hilarious videos.

Katie and Blake visit NYC, fan calls them out

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes are happily engaged. That doesn’t mean they are moving in together, or rushing into marriage. At the moment, the Bachelorette couple live in different countries. Katie just moved to San Diego, California, while Blake lives in Canada.


Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston via YouTube

The duo has been traveling back and forth between Canada and the U.S. Katie recently visited Blake in Toronto, Canada, with a stop-over at romantic Niagara Falls.

Now Katie and Blake are visiting New York City together. Katie took to her Twitter to ask for recommendations on things to do in the Big Apple. Many of the suggestions were restaurant recs. However, one Canadian fan asked how Blake was able to get to NYC, as the borders out of Canada are still closed to non-essential workers.

The couple that pranks together…

Viewers fell in love with the humor between Katie and Blake. They often troll each other on social media, with Blake usually getting the upper hand. However, Katie recently got back at him by scaring the bejesus out of him when he came into their hotel room.

The hilarious clip centers on Blake’s reaction, so it’s unclear how, exactly, Katie managed to give him a fright. In the video, Blake enters the room carrying a to-go bag. Shortly after entering, he jumps and exclaims, ‘Oh, f*ck,” as Katie erupts in uproarious laughter.

Katie Thurston has hilarious run-in with Blake’s ex

The world is small, but Bachelor Nation is even smaller. Several Bachelor Nation stars are among the 8 million+ people living in NYC. In fact, a significant number of contestants from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor are now residents of the city, including Abigail Heringer.

So, it’s not surprising that Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes ran into someone they know. However, that someone just happens to be Blake’s ex from his first attempt at finding love on The Bachelorette.

As fans of the show know, Blake appeared on Season 16 of the franchise, too. When Clare Crawley quit the show early, he stayed to take a shot at love with Tayshia Adams. Not having any luck, he showed up on Katie Thurston’s Season 17 and won her over. Tayshia was the host of Katie’s season and she encouraged Katie to give Blake a chance.

Katie has been promoting a hotel for the U.S. Open tennis tournament on her Instagram. She attended one of the matches with Blake. However, they weren’t the only Bachelor Nation stars there.

She shared a hilarious video on her Instagram Stories of a run-in with Clare Crawley, who recently moved to NYC to be with her fiance, Dale Moss. In the video, Katie jokes, “I keep running into Blake’s ex,” clearly a reference to Tayshia, as well.

The camera pans over to Clare Crawley next to her. The video also catches Dale Moss standing behind Katie. It looks like the foursome is in a VIP box together.

While in NYC, Katie Thurston is also hitting up the New York Fashion Week event. She was trolled throughout her season of The Bachelorette for her fashion choices.

Clare, Tayshia, and Katie all found love in the franchise. Tune in to Michelle Young’s season premiering next month to see if the streak continues.

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