Katie Thurston Respond To Fans Questioning Her Fashion Sense

Bachelorette fans might be surprised to find out Katie Thurston wore her skirt backward in a promo for her season on purpose. Throughout her episodes, fans have talked about her fashion. The dress she wore when Blake Moynes proposed wasn’t their favorite.

Fans didn’t like her skinny jeans, the way she styled her hair or a lot of her choices. Katie took offense to the comments. When one fan said, “why do the stylists hate Katie do you think? She was quick to say back, “I dress myself.”

She also responded to people talking about her part and her lack of fashion. Katie said in her stories she would just block anyone who messages her about it. She acknowledged some were just giving her friendly suggestions, but it was too much. Thurston got a lot more shade on her fashion choices than other Bachelorettes in the past.

Katie Thurston Knew The Skirt Was Backward

Katie Thurston talked about the skirt after the finale aired. One fan said, “the skirt was styled wrong, the zipper is supposed to be in the back justice for Katie.” According to US Weekly, another said, “they have Katie wearing a Saint Laurent latex skirt backward for the Bachelorette promo.”

Katie said she thought her stylist knew it was on backward and thought it would look better, and be edgier. Katie said, “I know nothing about fashion so I was like, ‘Ok, let’s go for it,’ not realizing that the internet would pop off about it.”


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Fans Also Thought The Hosts Were Better Dressed

A lot of the comments from Katie Thurston’s season focused on how Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams were dressed. After her one-on-one with Greg Grippo, she openly taunted fans to come after her. She said, “skinny jeans and side part. Come for me Gen Z.” Being an avid user of TikTok before becoming the Bachelorette she knew there was a battle of Gen Z and Millennials that was mostly fun.

Twitter responded with their opinions on the matter. One said, “you look natural and beautiful, how men like it.” Another said, “we don’t care what men like.” A third said, “What is with all the “suggestions” she hasn’t asked for? Leave people alone. People look how they want to look. Let them live.”

Her tweets took a different tone since her engagement. She worked the word fiancé in a lot. One of her latest says, “Tell me why my fiancé just used me as a human shield while navigating a haunted house.” The best response to that tweet was, “I would have used Aunt Lindsey. She could scare anything off…”

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