Kaya Scodelario & Benjamin Walker Are Expecting Their Second Child

Babies are such a blessing. We can’t even imagine having to share such a personal time with the world, but celebrities have a hard time keeping that secret. With everyone following them, leaks in their camps, and examining their every move, how do you keep that from the world?

Well some manage to. That’s a good thing. They are able to keep the moments to themselves until they are ready to announce on their own terms.

Kaya Scodelario has been able to keep the secret and announce on her terms. The actress announced on Instagram that she is 6 months a long in her second pregnancy.

“I tried to set up one of those beautiful pregnancy reveal pictures with the meadow and the golden sunset and the hay and the puppy’s and the perfectly put together BoHo outfit & flowing natural hair with baby chicks nesting in it but then I realised that IM WAY TOO tired, achey and lazy right now. So here’s me pulling an awkward face in the mirror whilst wearing makeup for the first time in 6 months instead. We are very happy obviously. But mostly super tired.” she captioned the post.

We’re so excited for her and her husband Benjamin Walker. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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