Keeping Fit While Working from Home


More people than ever are working from home, enjoying the freedom of being able to manage and customize their schedule. No supervisors to worry about, no horrible commute to work, just relaxing productivity in a workspace you create and control. What’s not to love! Well, there are some challenges that come with working from home, and staying fit is one of them. 

What happens when you work from home is it is often easy to become lazy. It become easier to put on YouTube videos when you work, head to the MGM online casino for some slot iGaming, and watch TV. All those are a load of fun, but procrastination is the enemy of the at-home worker, and let’s not forget your just a few steps away from the fridge!

You may find you’re making that short walk to the fridge more than you’d like. If you are putting on more pounds than you want while working at home, it’s time to get active! Here’s some easy tips for getting your at-home fitness regime underway. 

Track Yourself

One of the wonders of modern technology is being able to track yourself. With tracking apps, you can chart you daily distance, pace, and other variables. For many people, simply knowing they are tracking themselves will make it more likely they stick to their fitness goals. There’s something encouraging about seeing your success at the end of each day and knowing you are making measurable progress.

Finding a tracking app is easy because there are dozens available. These apps come in two forms, services that include food tracking or those that just have fitness tracking. The former is a more complete app because you will be able to track your food goals alongside your fitness goals. However, dedicated fitness tracking apps often have more specific features. 

Some of the best all-round tracking apps including Samsung Health, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and others. 

Set a Routines

When you work in a traditional workplace, your routine is built into the job role. When working from home, there is usually no strict routine and it’s easy to get lost. That makes finding a schedule and sticking to it hugely important. Firstly, knowing which hours you will dedicate to work will allow you to be more productive in your job and have more spare time. 

Furthermore, creating a routine around exercise is also essential. If you approach fitness like “I will go running later when I have some time”, the chances are you won’t go on that run. Instead, set aside some time outside your work schedule for fitness. This can be however long it takes to do your fitness routine, but it’s important you choose a time you can stick to. 

You could also split your routine. For example, if you have busy workday, you could schedule a half hour of exercise in the morning and half hour at night. The important thing is to choose hours you can commit to every day. As an at-home worker, time is your most important tool so it’s vital that you make the most of it.


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