Kelly Clarkson Joins Blake Shelton on Stage After He Makes Bold Career Move With Her Ex Husband

Kelly Clarkson has been dealing with a particularly contentious divorce from her ex, Brandon Blackstock, but she isn’t letting this upheaval keep her from living her best life. While on a girls’ trip in Denver, Colorado, Clarkson and her pals attended a Blake Shelton concert at Ball Arena. Clarkson gave a shout-out to her The Voice co-star on Instagram after her hilarious drag while attending a George Strait show last week. “[Blake Shelton is KILLIN’ IT tonight in Denver!!! I’ll give him this [Prince Of Country],” she wrote. “His setlist is INCREDIBLE!!”

She shared some pictures of Shelton’s stage, while also posting a selfie with friends. “Get it [Blake Shelton],” she wrote. “We are LIVIN’ OUR BEST LIVES!!! THANK YOU.” Not only did Clarkson give Shelton a shoutout online, but she also surprised him on stage during the show to the delight and shock of the audience. Clarkson has more than just their friendship to appreciate in Shelton. It was recently announced that he had dropped Blackstock as his manager and would be finding new representation, clearly taking Clarkson’s side in the divorce.

Blackstock has been accused of having a negative impact on her success, with a source close to the singer speaking out on her behalf. Blackstock worked as Clarkson’s music manager during their marriage. Reportedly, he was “extremely jealous” of her accomplishments, which appears to have been perceived by those around Clarkson.

Now, following her split from Blackstock, a source tells Us Weekly that the American Idol champion “can finally enjoy her success without feeling ashamed.” The source added, “Kelly doesn’t take credit for her success but shares it with the team she works with. It’s just who she is.” The insider also stated that Clarkson and Blackstock’s marriage “had been on the rocks for a long time.” Clarkson “was the high-income earner with a wildly successful talk show,” the source pointed out, “and is the star of another hit show The Voice. Brandon was extremely jealous of it and made her know it.”

The former couple’s divorce has played out publicly, with many details emerging over the past few weeks. One big revelation came when a judge ruled that Clarkson would be awarded the Montana property she and Blackstock owned, which he wanted to keep. According to Us Weekly, the “Since U Been Gone” singer referred to the property as a “financial burden” in legal documents filed on Monday.

In addition to being awarded to the ranch, the judge also upheld the couple’s prenuptial agreement. This led to Clarkson begin granted a number of other assets. Blackstock had reportedly contested the prenup but was shut down by the judge’s ruling. Initially, Blackstock seemed to be on a path to getting the Montana property as a judge ruled he’d have to be financially responsible for it. That ultimately did not end up being the case, however.

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