Kelly Clarkson Pressuring Reba McEntire To Pick A Side In Divorce From Reba’s Ex-Stepson?

Is Kelly Clarkson urging Reba McEntire to pick a side in her divorce from McEntire’s former stepson, Brandon Blackstock? One tabloid insists Clarkson is amping up the pressure on McEntire. Gossip Cop investigates.

Reba McEntire Struggling To Pick A Side?

A recent edition of the National Enquirer reports Reba McEntire is tired of being caught in the middle of Kelly Clarkson’s divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson and McEntire have always been friends, but Blackstock is McEntire’s ex-stepson, putting the country legend in a difficult position. Clarkson was recently ordered to pay her ex nearly $200,000 a month, which includes both spousal and child support. The ruling reportedly made Clarkson furious, and now the daytime talk-show host is out for revenge.

An inside source claims Clarkson is planning to spill her ex-husband’s dirt in a bid to pull McEntire to her side. “It blows Kelly’s mind that Reba can’t see how much of a lowlife moocher Brandon is,” the insider dishes, “But Reba’s old school and won’t take sides, end of story. Reba loves Kelly, but ultimately Brandon’s like a son to her and she says there are two sides to this story.”

The outlet notes that rumors of infidelity surrounded Blackstock amid his and Clarkson’s separation. While McEntire was reportedly sympathetic to Clarkson, she has tried to stay unbiased. “Reba’s praying for both of them, but she wants Kelly to cut Brandon some slack,” the source muses, “The guy’s gotta eat!”

Brandon Blackstock ‘Like A Son’ To Reba McEntire?

So, is it true McEntire is urging Clarkson to lay off Blackstock in her effort to remain neutral? We seriously doubt the situation is as dramatic as the tabloid makes it out to be. First of all, McEntire has only been mentioned in passing throughout reports of Clarkson and Blackstock’s divorce. It doesn’t seem like the singer is close enough to Clarkson or her ex-stepson to be under any pressure to choose sides.

And we seriously doubt Clarkson is out for revenge against her ex-husband. The recent verdict that decided how much Clarkson would pay in spousal support payments turned out to be a pretty big win for her. While it’s no surprise the singer is covering most of her kids’ school tuition, but it was decided that she wouldn’t have to pay a cent towards her ex-husband’s pricey Montana ranch. Clarkson has a prenup that still stands, meaning she isn’t taking a big financial loss as a result of her divorce.

Furthermore, Clarkson has given the impression that she wants to be free from her marriage to Blackstock. She rarely speaks publicly on the matter and hasn’t spoken ill of her ex. We seriously doubt Clarkson is trying to turn anyone against Blackstock, let alone McEntire when she isn’t connected to their situation in the slightest. It’s obvious this is another attempt of the tabloids to milk even more drama out of Clarkson’s highly publicized divorce.

The Tabloid On Kelly Clarkson

The National Enquirer has been less than kind to Clarkson in the past. Last year the magazine alleged Clarkson was leaving The Voice because of her divorce. Then the outlet published an offensive story claiming Kelly Clarkson would lose her job because she was gaining weight. And not long ago, the tabloid claimed Clarkson was “chugging wine” to cope with her divorce. Obviously, the Enquirer is no friend to Clarkson and can’t be trusted to report accurately on the star.

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