Kelly Jo Bates Hits The Road To Escape From Wedding Planning Stress

Bringing Up Bates mom Kelly Jo is very busy these days! With 19 kids and many grandchildren, her life hasn’t ever been calm. Right now, there’s especially a lot going on in the Bates family. As Bates fans know, there are two weddings right around the corner. In October, Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes will tie the knot. Katie Bates and Travis Clark’s wedding is slated for December.

Bates Family Instagram
Bates Family Instagram

Amid all of the wedding planning, Kelly Jo decided she needed to get away for a little bit. So, the mom of 19 took three of her kids on a short getaway.

In a new Instagram post, Kelly Jo shared a few photos of herself and her daughters as they took on the Grand Canyon. In her caption, she writes, “With two weddings to plan, my calendar is a little crazy, so I took advantage of some airline points we had accumulated and decided to have a short girl’s trip with Addee, Ellie, & Callie to the Grand Canyon and Sedona to spend some time together before the schedule gets even busier!

Then, she adds, “This was the girl’s first time here, and they were absolutely in awe of God’s majesty in His Creation! Pictures just don’t do the Canyon justice!” 

Bates Fam Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans love the new photos & special girl time.

Of course, fans can’t help but comment on Kelly Jo’s latest post. They are glad that a few of the girls were able to get away for a little while and spend some quality time together. They think that Kelly Jo is a great mom.

Other fans chime in and add that they are looking forward to the upcoming weddings. As of right now, Bringing Up Bates hasn’t been renewed, so it’s unclear whether the weddings will be featured on the show.

How does Kelly Jo Bates choose which kids to take on a trip?

Fans do have one question though. They want to know how Kelly Jo decided which of her kids to bring along on the trip. One fan wonders if the other kids get angry or jealous when their siblings get to go somewhere and they don’t.

In response, Kelly Jo simply says they “take turns.” So, this time it was Addee, Ellie, and Callie’s turn to go on a fun trip. Maybe another getaway is right around the corner for another group of Bates kids.

So, what do you think of Kelly Jo Bates’ new photos from her girls’ getaway? Are you excited for the next Bringing Up Bates weddings? Let us know in the comments below.

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