Kelly Preston’s Turbulent Relationship With Charlie Sheen Before Marrying John Travolta

The 80s witnessed the rise of several stars who now rule the movie industry and have become parents as well. Stars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, and Kelly Preston all made their entrance as young stars into the movie scene during this time.

As young actors, it was almost a part of the culture in Hollywood to link celebrities together, and some of these stars went on to build relationships that lasted while others were short-lived by scandals.

One relationship which failed to live up to its hype was that of Charlie Sheen and Kelly Preston who at some point were billed to have the wedding of the decade but suddenly split ways.

Sheen and Preston were one of the most unlikely couples and had an unconventional relationship that most movie fans might not imagine. However, Preston’s 29-year-old marriage with John Travolta was not as turbulent or as controversial as the one she shared with Sheen.

Preston and Travolta’s romance stood out as unique and featured both tolerance, endurance, and forgiveness as they worked on their union despite the rumors of infidelity that plagued their marriage.

Before finding her Mr. Perfect, the late actress, and Hollywood’s bad boy, Sheen were engaged for three years. The duo was one of the most talked-about couples of the time and were often pictured gracing events together.

The exact details of their romance might not be accurate; it is believed that things got heated up in the late 80s, and later on, the “Two and a Half Men” star was convinced he had found love and popped the question.

Sheen is known for being humorous and controversial, but there is an element of sweetness in all his bad-boy moves. Not one to be without drama, the actor proposed with a 2.5-Carat pink diamond ring.

The ring was said to have cost a fortune and was valued at around $200,000, and upon seeing the piece of jewelry, Preston could not help but fall helplessly in love with Sheen and gave him a big yes as her response.


Things were going smoothly between the lovebirds until Sheen accidentally shot Preston in the arm in 1990. This shot was widely believed to have been the reason why the actress broke off their engagement.

Sheen has denied every claim of wrongdoing and insisted he did not fire the gun. Instead, he claimed Preston was at fault and had accidentally caused the gun to fire at her while he had nothing to do with it.

The 56-year-old remarked that he was downstairs making coffee while Preston was upstairs, supposedly asleep. Sheen claimed to have been startled by a gunshot and argued that it was caused by his ex-fiancée.

According to the “Platoon” actor, Preston had picked up a pair of his trousers in the bathroom which had a revolver hidden in the pocket. The gun fell to the ground and discharged, and the bullet hit the toilet, leaving Preston injured with shrapnel from the toilet bowl.

Despite the injury, Preston rushed to Sheen’s defense after his public breakdown following years of substance abuse and legal woes. She described him as a good man noting that when they were together, he did not have addiction problems. She also believed he would be fine.

Despite the way things ended between them, Preston had nothing but love for Sheen and admitted that she sometimes worried about the troubled actor, noting that her heart went out to him and his family.

After ending their engagement, Preston was so attached to the ring Sheen gave her that she refused to sell it despite receiving another from Travolta, who she later married.

Drugs and alcohol were not the only problems Sheen battled in his life. The actor who has a wild dating history is reported to have abused women. His violent past made it easy for people to think he shot Preston.

Sheen was once charged for assaulting his former girlfriend, Brittany Ashland, and during his third marriage to Brooke Mueller, he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

He was also given a restraining order from his second wife, Denise Richards. Despite his huge talent, it is without a doubt that Sheen’s life would have been much more without his many troubles.


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