Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Witness Fatal Truck Crash in Mississippi

Kendall Jenner and her basketball player boyfriend Devin Booker witnessed a horrifying car crash this week while driving through Mississippi. The couple got out of their car to see what was backing up traffic, catching a glimpse of the aftermath.

According to The Sun, videos and photos from the scene capture the couple looking on horrified at the scene. Jenner can be seen with her hand over her mouth after exiting her vehicle, overlooking the scene.

The outlet adds that the accident occurred around 12:40 pm local time when a truck pulling a tractor lost control on the highway. The driver of the truck was thrown from the vehicle after the vehicle hit a barrier on the bridge, landing in the waters of Biloxi Bay. The deceased man’s body was pulled from the water around an hour later, though he has not been identified yet.

Traffic was stopped were closed for the search, putting Jenner, Booker and others at a standstill while first responders searched for the deceased. Both weren’t involved in the accident itself, only caught in the traffic.

According to The Sun, bother were in the state to visit Booker’s high school stomping grounds in Moss Point. Booker was on hand to also help open two newly renovated basketball courts at the school.

The couple went public with their relationship back in February on Valentine’s Day, finally confirming their connection after 10 months of dating. “They can’t keep their hands off each other. They have a natural rapport that isn’t forced,” a source told InTouch Weekly. “Devin makes her laugh [and] makes her feel safe. They love traveling together, they love eating really bad food, they like the same movies, there are no awkward moments.”

Despite the horrifying moment both witnessed this week, it would seem it confirms that they are together through thick and thin. In the end, who doesn’t want that out of a relationship.

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