Kendall Long Is Looking For A Love Connection On ‘BIP’

Kendall Long’s ex is getting along well on the beach. Joe Amabile is getting pretty cozy with Serena Pitt while being awkwardly adorable. It wasn’t like that for him at first. He moped a bit and questioned whether he should be there at all. He mentioned more than once it felt weird to be back where he met Kendall. A few kisses from Serena P. and he felt better about it.

Now that it’s been revealed in the preview Kendall is coming to the beach, fans are worried she might mess things up for Joe. The two met on BIP  and the reason they split was that one of them didn’t want to make the move to be with the other. This is something Joe already told Serena.

Now that she’s showing up, fans are wondering what Kendall is doing back. She says it’s to find love. Just like her ex, she knows this process works and she is ready to move on. But, since the producers love drama, anything could happen when these two exes meet across Wells Adams’ bar.

Why Is Kendall Long Back On The Beach?

According to a source close to Kendall Long, her intentions for going on the beach were to find a love connection. Us Weekly reported the source said, “it’s been over a year-and-a-half since the break-up, so she was ready to fall in love.” There are a lot of people from past seasons on the show this year. Even a former lead is going to show up on the beach.

Kendall became a quick fan favorite on Arie Luyendyk’s season. She showed him her taxidermy habit. Then, fans loved that she and Joe fell for each other. Long said nothing but good things about the show. She said, “if it could work for me once, maybe it could work for me twice.”

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In The Past She Didn’t Want To Rely On The Show

Kendall Long said she wasn’t going to go back on the show when asked last year. She said, “I try to live as if I’m not depending on The Bachelor world to find my future husband because then I’m just holding off my love life.” Obviously, she changed her mind about that.

There is plenty of Paradise drama to come with Demi Burnett literally stirring a pot in the intro. David Spade is also reading Seven Ways to Start Drama in the intro video. Becca Kufrin, former Bachelorette is also going to show up looking for love. Victoria Larson is already acting like a queen-gone goddess. You just never know what could happen. Are you excited for Kendall to join Bachelor in Paradise? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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