Kendall Long Mingling With Popular ‘BIP’ Alum Post Show

Kendall Long showed up this week on Bachelor in Paradise. She knew Joe Amabile would be there. However, he wasn’t quite as excited to see her. Things are still heating up and there is surely more drama to come. While it’s yet to be determined what will go down, it’s most likely she and Joe will not reconnect. Now that filming is over, Kendall has been seen hanging out with another popular alum. Who is it and what’s going on?

Kendall Long seen hanging out with popular alum

Bustle shared all about who Kendall has been seen with. It’s yet to be seen how things go for Kendall on Paradise. However, fans are wondering about a picture she shared on Instagram in August. Kendall was hanging out on the beach with friends including Blake Horstmann. Clearly, there’s no proof the two are anything more than friends, but fans took to the comments to share their thoughts.

In the first pic, she says she almost got squished by Blake and to see how she got her revenge by looking at the second photo. The second pic shows Blake buried in the sand with just his head peaking out.

Many fans commented how cute they look together. Some more said they hoped these two would date. Others begged her not to date Blake at all.

Blake himself commented about how awesome the second photo was.

Her time with Joe

Kendall and Joe ultimately ended their relationship because neither wanted to move. Back in February 2020, Kendall said, “If anyone knows me, I’m not the person that plans my wedding and I was literally doing that with Joe.” She continued, “But something weird about ending something with some that you thought you were going to marry [is] you almost feel like you have such a better idea of what you’re looking for.”

Kendall tells the  BIP cameras that she fell in love with Joe on the beach. She hints that she wants to try to rekindle their romance. She voiced that she still loves and misses him. The problem with that is Joe is very into Serena Pitt.

Fans are not very happy with Kendall for not letting Joe move on and find happiness. It’s yet to be seen what Joe will say or do when it comes to Kendall.

The show concluded with a “to be continued.”

What do you think of Kendall showing up on the beach? What about her and possibly dating Blake?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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