Kendra Duggar Pregnant Again?! Caldwell Family Drops Clues

Counting On fans have thought that Kendra Duggar might be pregnant with her fourth baby soon. They have been looking for hints that she’s expecting. But the family hasn’t made any official announcements. So, there’s no way to know for sure whether she’s actually pregnant.

Now, Kendra’s family, the Caldwells, is dropping hints that she could be pregnant. Many Counting On fans have started following the Caldwell family on social media because of their link to the Duggars. However, it doesn’t look like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are on the best of terms with Paul and Christina Caldwell.

Despite Kendra’s parents’ ongoing feud with her in-laws, she’s continued spending time with both sides of the family. A recent social media post from the Caldwell family adds to the speculation that Kendra could be pregnant.

For those who don’t know, Joe and Kendra currently share three-year-old Garrett, one-year-old Addison, and seven-month-old Brooklyn. Fans have noticed that their kids are very close in age and expect them to continue having their children back to back like this. So, it wouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise if she is pregnant again.

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Kendra Duggar pregnant and preparing for baby number four?

On Instagram, the Caldwell family shared a few photos from a children’s clothing sale. The Duggar family has gone to the Rhea Lana sale for years. It’s a huge sale that features secondhand baby and children’s items. In one of the snaps, Kendra is shopping while holding her baby sister, Moriah.

Caldwell Family Instagram

Kendra’s appearance at the sale has Reddit sleuths convinced she must be pregnant again. One user points out, “Wasn’t she shopping at this place the last time she was preg? 👀” Another user adds, “If she’s pregnant now she probably found out in the last week or two. In the photos her mom posted there’s not even a small bump at all.”

On her Instagram stories, Kendra also promoted the sale. She showed fans what she bought for Garrett and Brooklyn. But she could have purchased more items that she kept away from the camera, especially because she didn’t reveal any of the items she bought for Addison.

It’s possible that Kendra was simply shopping for more clothes and toys for her three kids rather than a future baby. But fans think it won’t be too long before Kendra announces she’s expecting again.

So, do you think this is a sign that Kendra Duggar could be pregnant? Or do you think she was just shopping for items for her three kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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