Kentucky Woman Arrested For Using Fake Baby To Get Welfare Benefits

Ludlow Woman Arrested After She Faked Having A Baby To Get Welfare Checks

A Kentucky woman named Tammy Sizemore was arrested last Wednesday after it was discovered she faked having a baby in order to collect welfare checks from the state.

Tammy Sizemore reportedly collected $13,000 in benefits between March 2020 and January 2021 after falsely claiming she gave birth to a baby girl in January 2020.

However, investigators state that Sizemore failed to provide proof of the “birth” and told officials that she delivered the baby at home with a midwife but later changed her story claiming she gave birth at a hospital.

According to Fox19, Sizemore called the baby girl “Christine” but used three different ways to spell the name when questioned by investigators and told them she was living with family in California.

While checking her home, investigators did not find a bed for “Christine” or photos of the child.

Sizemore’s landlord also confirmed that he never saw a baby at the home and she never mentioned one to him. She was later arrested and will face charges of making false statements to earn public assistance benefits.

“Anytime somebody steals these benefits, they’re taking them away from somebody that needs them, somebody, that deserves them, somebody who these benefits were intended for in the first place,” said Prosecutor Rob Sanders.


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