Kevin Abstract Solicits Fan-Made Beats For Final Album

The best television season finales always find ways to acknowledge the patience and dedication of their fans. So it is with musicians and their swan songs. Although the members of Brockhampton aren’t technically retiring — only the group as a whole — the self-professed boy band has found the ultimate nod to give to fans as they prepare their final album.

Kevin Abstract, the group’s de facto RZA figure, recently put out a call on Twitter for fans to send him their beats as a way of not just helping close this chapter of the group’s history, but also open a new chapter for someone else. “trying something different,” he wrote. “wanna give up and coming producers a chance cause we know how hard it gets out here to get ur work off the ground. if you got something you love and you’d love to hear BH on it – send beats for the last Brockhampton album ever.”

The group announced the final project earlier this year while promoting their recently released Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine. Although, they later clarified that they all still “love each other,” it appears many of the band’s members would like to focus on solo material or other creative endeavors. They’ll also still tour in 2022, and they may have one of their previously shelved albums on the slate once they finish clearing samples for it, but for all intents and purposes, this is their last hurrah — and they intend to include their loyal followers, as it should be.

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