Kevin Hart Creates Hilarious Cringe Moment with Don Cheadle

Kevin Hart has a new show on the Peacock Network where he interviews celebrity guests and just went viral over his interview with Don Cheadle. The show is set to be unscripted and meant so that actors can talk real with Kevin. Sometimes, though, things get a little too real, especially when Kevin isn’t able to control his reactions. The actor and the stand-up comedian were actually having a pretty deep conversation. Until a very Kevin Hart reaction threw the whole interview in a different direction.

How Things Happened


As we mentioned, the two were actually having a pretty deep conversation about generational wealth. Don Cheadle then went on to say that he was 56 years old that’s when Kevin Hart literally just blurted out, damn! At that point, the interview completed stopped in its tracks. Hart even doubled down with another damn! Don Cheadle did not look pleased at all with the reaction. Hart sort of senses this. He starts to apologize to Cheadle who is having none of it!

The Generational Wealth Topic Went Out The Window

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At this point in the interview, the original topic of generational wealth was no more. As Kevin Hart starts to apologize and justify his reaction, Cheadle, starts to explain the difference between a light-hearted damn reaction. Versus a full-blown damn! Even without having seen the video, you can probably imagine what Kevin Heart’s reaction actually sounded like. In his typical high pitch voice tone, of course. What makes the whole moment cringe-worthy is that Cheadle is sitting there with a straight face. He did not look like he found Hart’s reaction funny at all.

What Type of Damn Did You Hear?

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While Kevin Hart is trying to defend his reaction, Cheadle really looks ticked off! If you’ve heard the stories, Don Cheadle is not someone that you want to make angry. In any case, the two start debating the tone of the word and the context in which Hart said it. With Hart sort of backtracking. First saying it was a thought, and he just blurted it out. At this point, though, Cheadle hasn’t even let a slight grin out. That’s really what makes the moment so hard to look at. It’s not clear if Cheadle wants to get up from the chair and knock Kevin Hart into next week’s episode!

All Is Good Between The Two

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Fans were left wondering whether Cheadle was cool with Hart after the incident. So, someone took Twitter to flat out ask the War Machine actor what he thought about the whole incident. Cheadle, replied, suggesting that he and Kevin need to be in a movie together! From the looks of things, he may not be wrong. They are able to create all kinds of tension on screen without it being scripted. The moment is kind of cringy. At the end of the day, though, it seems both men were able to have a laugh and move on. Not a common scene these days!

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