Kevin Smith Says He Cried Watching Marvel’s What If…?

Marvel’s What If…? is the Disney Plus show that takes characters and scenarios we’re familiar with from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and remixes them to bizarre and sometimes tragic results. Now, comic book fanboy and filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed the show was so hard-hitting in its storytelling, it made him shed tears, according to ComicBook.

The series has seen everything from a zombie outbreak to the Avengers getting assassinated one by one to T’challa himself becoming a Star Lord in what has been a veritable up and down, swinging wildly from tragic, to action-packed, to hilarious to downright triumphant at times.

And that emotional roller coaster clearly resonated with the Clerks filmmaker, who asked “What If @MarvelStudios made a thing that didn’t make me cry?”

Smith went on to say he thought the series was “stunning,” especially for a fan of the legacy comics. In addition, he called the plots and performances “as beautiful as the art.” With the late Chadwick Boseman making a tear-jerking return for many as Black Panther in the show after he tragically died of cancer, I think we can agree. Check out the full Tweet below:

Smith topped off his glowing review by quoting the show’s narrator, The Watcher: “‘You, your stories, they are everything to me.’ The Watcher is every @Marvel fan.

It’ll be interesting to see how the existence of the multiverse introduced in both What If…? and Loki plays out in the movies. For instance, the new Doctor Strange film is subtitled And the Multiverse of Madness, so we’re guessing it’ll probably play a pretty big role.


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