Khabib Drops Kamaru Usman Bombshell In Photo

Khabib Nurmagomedov knows when to give respect and he knows when to take that respect away. You always want to ensure that you sit on the side of the former rather than the latter when it comes to how you want the legendary Khabib to feel about you. Just how does Khabib feel about current fighters such as the man they call Kamaru Usman? Certainly with both of these men having seen the highest points that one can see in the UFC, you would think that the commons that they share bring the two together….TJ Dillashaw Injured Leg Looks Bad In Gym Video.

The assumption would be correct as Khabib recently took to Instagram to showcase a photo of himself with his good friend, Kamaru Usman. While it’s always great to gas up your good friends a bit, The Eagle went the extra mile as to state that Kamaru is easily the best pound for pound fighter today. Both looked very happy to be in the presence of one another and surely Kamaru took great pride in the praise from someone of Khabib’s stature and value.

While The Eagle has landed on the moon in the UFC, it looks like he will also try his hand, or should I say feet, at football (American soccer). Many have spoken about Khabib’s skills at football and he just signed his first deal to see how well he can do with his first and latest football team, Legion Dynamo.

Special thanks to ESPN.

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