Khatrimaza Full 2021 Website – New Bollywood South Hindi Dubbed Movies – Is It Legal?


Do you want to watch a movie free of cost? All you need is an Internet connection on your smartphone or a laptop. Nowadays, almost all the movies, TV shows, web series or TV series of all the genres, regional are available on most of the websites and Khatrimaza is one of them. Khatrimaza allows a user to download or stream online movies, TV shows, web series or TV series in a high definition range quality.

There is no limitation of watching and downloading the content from this website, i.e. it has unlimited access to users worldwide. The major advantage of this website is that it has almost all the movies, TV shows, web series or TV series of all genres which paid subscription websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc don’t have. In this article, we will give complete information about the website Khatrimaza. 

What is Khatrimaza?

Khatrimaza is a free website where viewers can download or stream online latest movies, TV shows, web series or TV series of all genres, be it from Hollywood, Tollywood or Bollywood.  This website provides no limitation to the viewer in downloading or streaming videos and has great quality too. It consists of movies that are dubbed in Hindi and also have movies with English subtitles.

The only thing you need to do is to search on the search bar and if the movie or a series is available on the website it will appear in the search result.  From there you can download it in many quality ranges or stream it online. Many websites do not have animated movies, but Khatrimaza is the one that has animated movies also. It also has a category of 18+ Adult movies, where all the adult movies and web series can be found.  

Khatrimaza, in addition, has a good user interface, which lets viewers satisfy their needs effectively. This website also provides an android application facility.  The APK of this application is available on the website itself and you can download and install it in an android smartphone. So if you need any movie or a series you don’t need to search through the browser also but directly check the application of the website.

How Does Khatrimaza Website Work?

Khatrimaza or its other related domains declare that they do not host any files on their own servers, all the content which is shown on their portal is third-party hosted. They also declare that they do not accept responsibility for content hosted on third-party websites and do not have any type of involvement in the content.

Whenever you click on a movie you want to download or stream online you will be taken to another page where it will show many links of video quality from high to low. There is also one more link for streaming online.  You can choose and download as per your wish. 

Screenshots of the video prints are also provided therefrom which viewers can decide whether the video quality is up to the mark or not. The website also provides information about the movie or series on that page, where user can read their storyline or review. In addition, this page also contains the trailer of that movie or series.

How Is Khatrimaza Different From Other Websites?

Besides all other features, they also have their own telegram channel, where they post all new releases on the website.

The website owners have also given an option where viewers can post their comments on any particular movie or web series requested on that page of the website.

In the category of drop down features of the website, it contains a list of all types of movies or series genres like Comedy, Romance, Drama, Action, Thriller, Adventure,  Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Chinese, Spanish, French, Thai, Turkish, Documentary, Biography, Adult, Animated, Animals, etc.

Is it safe to use Khatrimaza?

Since this website may be an illegal one, it can contain some malicious virus files which can enter your devices when you download a movie or any series from it. So it is suggested to have antivirus which can detect the virus at the time of downloading the file and also notify the user that this file contains a virus and the type of it.

Such viruses can infect and degrade your devices and can also leak your personal information to hackers, which may lead to various cybercrimes. So if you have any anti-virus software installed in your device it will warn you and will ask your permission for further process. It is, therefore, always advisable to have an anti-virus installed in your devices to safeguard all your data. 

Alternatives for this website

These websites can be shut down anytime by Google or any other higher authority of the internet. However, there are more alternatives to this website which are quite similar,  and, in many cases, may have more features than the previous one :

However, please note that all these websites are also illegal and insecure and viewers are, therefore, requested to use these at their own risk. Website owners will not be responsible for any type of loss or damage to your devices or data.


This article does not support or encourage Khatrimaza or any other illegal movie leaking websites in any manner. This article has just been written for awareness of the people regarding the good and bad sequences caused by using these illegal apps.  


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