Khloe Kardashian admits it’s ‘fun to confuse people’ after star is slammed for ‘photoshopping thighs, waist & butt’

Khloe Kardashian told fans “it’s fun when you’re confusing people” after facing backlash for “photoshopping” snaps of herself.

The 37-year-old shared the candid words on her Instagram stories just days after she was accused of “photoshopping her thighs and waist” in her latest social media post.


Khloe shared a cryptic message on Instagram after her latest “photoshop fail”Credit: Instagram
Chloe declared "it's fun confusing people" after she was accused of photoshopping her latest picture


Chloe declared “it’s fun confusing people” after she was accused of photoshopping her latest pictureCredit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

The KUWTK star’s photo simply reads: “It’s fun when you’re confusing people.”

It comes after Khloe flaunted her hourglass figure in a tight leather dress as she posed against a car.

The star wore a black leather minidress with thigh-high boots and leaned forward seductively as she rested her arms on the front of her car while sticking out her famous behind.

She captioned the nighttime shot: “Pretending to be a night owl 🦉 🖤”

But some fans were quick to accuse the mum-of-one of photoshopping the image and took to Reddit to share their thoughts, with some branding her “desperate.”

 “Lmaaao her butt was so edited,” one user claimed, and another said: “The photoshop on her thighs 😮”

A third wrote that Khloe’s thighs looked “fused together from all the photoshop 😳,” while another suggested the reality star was “trying to make them look fuller to match her a**.”

Another fan noted that the “car door is open in the background to likely distract” from the possible editing, suggesting she may have photoshopped her waist as well.

On Saturday, Khloe hit out at the “fake s*** that” is being said about her personal life in a series of scathing tweets.

The star took to Twitter on Saturday to share a series of messages hitting back at people distorting facts about her personal life. 

Khloe told her followers: “HA! some of y’all really just make up anything and swear it’s the truth as if you know what’s going on.

“The truth is never good enough… or juicy enough. So you create a narrative that fits what you choose to believe.”

In a follow-up tweet, she added, “It is so old at this point. It’s always something about people creating fake s*** about me and actually terrorizing me about something THEY ARE CREATING. Without anyone knowing any facts. It’s some weirdo s***.’

Chloe shared a series of scathing tweets as she hit out at the "fake s*** that" is being said about her


Chloe shared a series of scathing tweets as she hit out at the “fake s*** that” is being said about herCredit: instagram


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