Khloé Kardashian Debuts UNTAMED New Look On Social Media!

Khloé Kardashian is back making headlines after debuting a shocking brand-new look, but this one is definitely Au Naturel!

The Good American founder took to Twitter and Instagram on Friday, August 13 to debut the wild and untamed new look.

Khloé posted a throwback photo of herself as a little girl with curly hair next to a current-day photo of her with the same wild curls.

She tweeted, “I’ve been getting Straightening treatments on my hair for years. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve been getting Brazilian blowouts and other treatments since I’ve been a teenager. I stopped because of Covid. I actually kind a like my curls. 💜”

We do too Koko!

This look isn’t as eyebrow-raising as some of her other looks that have made headlines.

Khloe has been accused time and time again of getting work done. Back in April, an unfiltered photo of Khloe made its rounds on the internet.

The photo, which spread like wildfire across Reddit and Twitter threads, featured a bare-faced Khloe wearing a leopard print bikini while hanging out poolside over Easter weekend.

Fans who saw the photo pointed out that there appeared to be a complete lack of heavy editing and Photoshop.

The photo was confirmed to be Khloé by PageSix.

Khloé eventually addressed it by posting multiple videos and photos of her unfiltered, unedited body.

She posted a video of herself in a bathroom wearing nothing but underpants while showing off her body, even doing a few jumps to show… NO JIGGLE.

She captioned the carousel of photos and videos, “PS Yes I did a live to show you all this isn’t photoshopped😝.”

Another incident where Khloé’s changing appearance came into question was back in March.

She emerged on Instagram with what many fans believe to be a “brand new face” with the help of photo filters and even CGI or high-levels of FaceTune.

While unveiling a new makeup collaboration with beauty subscription company Ipsy, Khloe shared a video to Instagram to promote her “glam bag” which features her personal makeup, haircare, and skincare essentials. But it was her ‘frozen face’ that had fans deeply concerned.

Her new look shocked the masses, so much so that many accused her of using some sort of CGI in the comments after noticing her face lacks any sort of movement. One fan tweeted, “There is absolutely no way Khloe Kardashian did that to her face, while others pointed out her “botched” lip fillers and nose job.

“So no one from Khloe’s team cared to tell her that she has botched lips before she started shooting an ad??” another user commented.

The comments section of the video on Ipsy’s Instagram page was eventually turned off.

Many fans have come to Khloe’s defense in the past saying she is “damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.”


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