Khloe Kardashian ‘isn’t forgiving Tristan Thompson

IS THE third time the charm? It seems like it might be for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson as the two have decided to give their relationship another go, according to sources.

Despite this baffling some Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans – Khloe is simply acting like the Cancer star sign that she is.


Khloe Kardashian’s Cancer star sign could be why she keeps taking Tristan backCredit: E!
Tristan Thompson has cheated on Khloe three times


Tristan Thompson has cheated on Khloe three timesCredit: E!
The couple has been on and off for years now


The couple has been on and off for years nowCredit: Instagram @khloekardashian

After reports that Khloe, 36, had decided to forgive Tristan’s philandering for the third time, Inbaal Honigman, a mystic and astrologer, told The Sun why she keeps taking him back.


“In taking Tristan back, Khloe may risk the ire of many of her fans. Those who know the pain of infidelity, those who know the devastation of an on-again-off-again parenting unit, as well as her closest confidantes, her relatives, and her business associates may advise her against it,” Honigman told The Sun.

“But Khloe is a Cancerian. She isn’t forgiving him, she isn’t forgetting. What she’s doing is ACCEPTING him. She’s aware of who he is, and with love in her heart, she says – we all have our flaws.”

Khloe’s birthday is on June 27.

“Cancerians are family-minded, loving, and indoorsy. Examine Khloe’s history of sacrificing her individuality for her family – from keeping her hair dark to flatter the joint KUWTK posters, and to those over the top Christmas cards. She puts her relatives first.

“And now, when it comes to her beautiful daughter True Thompson, she will spare no efforts. If she believes that the best thing for True is to have two parents under one roof, Khloe will do what it takes. Any Cancerian would do the same.

“Her fertility struggles are further proof that she would be happy to go through thick and thin, to create the stable family setting she craves.”

Khloe has been wanting to give True a third sibling (Tristan has a son from a previous relationship) but sadly, she was told she could not carry again and would have to go try surrogacy.

Honigman continued: “Interestingly, Khloe is a June Cancerian, close to the cusp with Gemini, and she also has her moon in chatty, flirty sign Gemini, so don’t think she’s a victim. If it came to a tit-for-tat situation… she’ll win! She’ll flirt up a storm with her Gemini aspect, and make Tristan see how he’s missed his final chance.

“Her Gemini moon reminds her that she’s got her own little misdemeanors … just like he has his enormous ones.”


“Tristan himself, he’s a Piscean, which is a water sign, just like Khloe.”

Tristan was born on March 13, 1991.

She continued: “Pisceans are all about love. Pisces ladies love truly and deeply, usually just one dude. Pisces guys, however, love everybody. Tristan, like many Pisceans before him, is caught up in the moment and falls in love in a heartbeat. Any relationship would be challenging for him.

“The astrological element that Tristan and Khloe have in common, water, is the element of romance, relationships, and families. Being trusted, loved, and accepted is so important for the both of them, and you know… third time’s the charm.”


The TV star has forgiven the basketball player as he’s “promised” to do better the third time around.

 In Touch sources claimed: “It may not be the most ideal situation because of her trust issues, but she’s desperate to make it work and he’s once again promised to do better.

“Khloé wants Tristan in True’s life and she’s still holding out hope for that second child. They are far from over.”

A second insider contributed: “He also promised Khloé that things will be different this time around and that he signed with the Sacramento Kings to be closer to her and True, and be a proper family and she believes him.”

After reconciling in the Spring of 2020, Khloe and Tristan quarantined together during the pandemic before breaking up in June of this year.

Before they called it quits, the pair considered IVF and surrogacy to plan a second pregnancy.


The duo sparked reconciliation rumors earlier this month when the NBA player was traded from the Boston Celtics to the Sacramento Kings in California.

After the news broke, Khloe shared several cryptic messages on her Instagram stories about “change” and “happiness.”

Despite not moving forward romantically, the ex-couple has continued co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter, True.

They’ve been spotted picking up the toddler from dance class and attending the premiere of the Paw Patrol movie together.


Tristan was accused of cheating on Khloe countless times with multiple different women.

In June, the athlete was seen going into a bedroom with three women at a house party in Bel Air.

Prior to the outing, he was accused of having an affair with model Sydney Chase who claimed he told her he was single.

And before that, he had made out with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, and was also seen with two women at a club in 2018.

Tristan and Khloe have one child together


Tristan and Khloe have one child togetherCredit: realtristan13/Instagram
Tristan made out with Jordyn Woods


Tristan made out with Jordyn WoodsCredit: Instagram
He also allegedly hooked up with Sydney Chase


He also allegedly hooked up with Sydney ChaseCredit: Jordyn Woods/Instagram
Khloe Kardashian insists she ‘trusts and wants more kids’ with Tristan Thompson before split following his wild night out

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