Khloe Kardashian’s $1 Million Plastic Surgery Spree Left Her With ‘Pruned’ Nose, Friends Worried?

The tabloids have covered Khloé Kardashian‘s body transformation for years. But did the reality star go too far and get obsessed with plastic surgery? One year ago, that was the narrative an outlet pushed, claiming Kardashian’s friends were concerned about her looks. Gossip Cop is looking back to see if Kardashian’s plastic surgery regime turned dangerous. 

Friends Concerned Over Khloé Kardashian’s Nose?

A year ago, the National Enquirer alleged Khloé Kardashian was obsessed with “tweaking” her nose so much so that her friends were worried she’d end up looking like the late Michael Jackson. “She’s getting lots of stares, and most are directed at her nose — or lack of one!” one tipster snitched. Based on the numerous times Kardashian’s had plastic surgery on her nose, the reality star’s pals noted it had “been pruned to the point where it looks odd on her face.” 

The same insider revealed that Kardashian “thought her nose was too big and bulbous,” so she decided to get plastic surgery. However, after her original surgery, she still “had one or two more operations” to try and fix the results. Apparently, no matter how many procedures Kardashian had on her nose, she couldn’t be satisfied. The insider revealed that even though Kardashian “spent thousands trying to get her nose ‘right,’ she still doesn’t like it.” 

Should Friends Be Worried About Khloé?

When this story was initially published, Gossip Cop didn’t believe Khloé Kardashian’s plastic surgeries were as extreme as the National Enquirer claimed, and we still feel the same today. 

Kardashian has always been rather upfront about her appearance with fans, so it’s hard to believe she’d undergo excessive plastic surgery with no other media coverage about it. Additionally, Kardashian mentioned on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she planned on getting a nose job, so it’s no surprise she followed through with the procedure. 

No matter what Kardashian does, her appearance is constantly attracting media coverage. Recently, Khloé Kardashian revealed her brand new look on Instagram, which featured the star rocking icy blonde hair and a heavy face of makeup. Unlike the magazine’s report about Kardashian’s nose being on the verge of “falling off,” she’s clearly in danger of no such thing based on the picture. The comments are full of praise and compliments, not concern.

Although the tabloids tried to make it seem like Kardashian’s life was centered around “her surgery obsession,” recent events prove that’s false. Kardashian’s probably more focused on her new hosting gig, where she’ll host a Candy Crush All-Star tournament, than obsessing over her next appointment.


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