Kids ‘came face-to-face with monster’ next to UFO – and even the Pentagon got involved

A podcast has delved into the story of the famous ‘Flatwoods Monster’ sighting reported in the 1950s in the US, where a UFO sighting reportedly led to children being squirted with oil by a huge, ominous figure.

The fabled extra-terrestrial encounter supposedly occurred on a September night in 1952, when children playing in a field claimed to have seen a strange light shooting overhead.

The children ran back to their mother Kathleen to tell her about the sighting, and Ashley Flowers, hosting the Supernatural podcast, described how the eerie event unfolded.

The group ascended a hill where “a bright flashing light and strange red glow” was emanating from.

“As they get closer, suddenly there’s this horrible smell, like some sort of burning metal or maybe sulphur,” Ashely described.

“The boys’ throats begin to itch, and Kathleen has a little trouble breathing. Everyone’s eyes begin stinging. Whatever this is, it isn’t coming from any ordinary meteor.”

A group of children and older woman claim to have witnessed a UFO and huge monster in the 1950s

Upon reaching the top of the hill, Ashley said the group encountered a “large glowing mass that definitely isn’t a meteor or a plane”.

But she acknowledged that their accounts of the object all differed when they described what they had seen later on.

And the sighting soon became even more terrifying when one of the boys, Jean, was supposedly confronted by a huge monster.

“15 feet away, just in front of a massive oak tree, there’s this tall dark and towering figure, just floating,” Ashley continued.

“It’s human shaped, but maybe twice as tall as a person, with something dark and pointy on top, almost like a hood.

The Flatwoods monster
The monster was claimed to be “human shaped” but at least “twice the size” of a person

“It’s got a round reddish face, there’s no nose or mouth, but it does have eyes, or at least what they think are eyes; they’re more like holes projecting beams of greenish, orange light.”

Standing in shock, the podcast’s host claimed that the group only began to move when the monster “squirted oil” and started to move towards them.

Immediately, the group all sprinted away, and continued experiencing difficulty breathing, with one member so ill that he threw up in the bathroom.

Eventually, Kathleen rang the local sheriff, but he was busy investigating another report of a crashed flying object.

Returning to the hill the next day with a photojournalist, the group found the reported crash site empty with no sign of the craft or monster.

Returning the next day with a photojournalist, the group found no sign of the UFO or monster, but did reportedly find skid marks where the monster had stood

However, Ashley suggested there were signs of “skid marks, roughly 8 feet apart”, where the monster was allegedly standing, as well as oil residue and flattened grass.

And the incident escalated when, one month later, Kathleen allegedly received a letter from the Pentagon.

Ashley described: “It contains a 5×7 picture of something that looks exactly like the monster, and an explanation.

“They say that on the night of the sighting, they sent out four experimental rocket ships. One went missing and that was probably the flying saucer Kathleen and the boys saw. It had been having oil trouble and had two men in it.

The Flatwoods monster
Kathleen reportedly received a letter from the Pentagon explaining the encounter, but wasn’t convinced

“The letter doesn’t make it clear what actually happened to the passengers. I assume the Pentagon thinks that one of the men was supposed to be the Flatwoods monster, or that one or both of them died in the crash.

“Regardless, something about the response just seems suspicious. They even allegedly ask Kathleen to keep this all a secret. And she does; she doesn’t tell anyone about the letter for years afterwards.”

But the podcast’s host noted that the story had already spread, and to this day reference is often made to the ‘Flatwoods monster’ in the area.

In the following years, Ashley explained that numerous theories were put forward about what the group of children and Kathleen might have witnessed that night.

And a New York artist even illustrated a sketch that was widely distributed, capturing what the monster might have looked like based on Kathleen’s description.

One theory claimed the crash site may actually have been a meteorite disintegrating

One of the possibly least far-fetched suggestions is that the group actually encountered an owl next to a meteorite crash site.

Ashley clarified: “The owl would have looked tall perched up on a tree. And the witnesses did say the Flatwoods monster was hovering right in front of a tree.

“Remember it was dark, and everyone was already on edge. They were already joking about flying saucers and alien invasions. Their subconscious could have turned something as simple as an owl into a satisfying monster.”

But doubting the veracity of this claim, Ashley noted: “Owls don’t squirt oil, and as far as the UFO itself, I don’t see how it could just be a meteor, meteors don’t glow with pulsing lights or smell like burning machinery, or disintegrate without a trace.”

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