Kim Kardashian Calling Off $1 Billion Divorce From Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian’s continuing support of Kanye West is a little perplexing. They are getting divorced after all, and broken-up high-profile couples usually leave one another alone. Yet Kardashian stands by West, appearing at his listening parties and promoting his albums as if they were still together.

This begs the question…are they still together? Kardashian and West are awful cozy for two folks in court. Over the past month, there have been several stories about their breakup.

Could they call the whole thing off? Is Kardashian stuck in “divorce hell”? Could she lack the guts to go through with it? Let’s see what some outlets are saying.

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

In a report from In Touch, West and Kardashian were reconciling, but not happily. An insider said Kardashian may “be staying with Kanye for financial reasons.” Staying in a very wealthy coupling was “the ultimate aphrodisiac for Kim,” and single life was not bringing her joy. West wasn’t going to let Kardashian just waltz back into the marriage, however, and wanted to be the one in control, a source said.

Is Kardashian really a gold digger? Did the two actually reconcile? Click this link to find out the truth about this sleazy story.

Kanye West Confident She Won’t Leave?

According to the Globe, Kardashian was having second thoughts about breaking up her home. A source said, “There’s little to zero physical attraction between them anymore,” but she didn’t want to pull the kids away from West. He knows how to manipulate his former wife and was starting to feel “smug” about the divorce. He thought Kardashian would never be able to pull the trigger and walk out for good.

Calling someone gutless is a big accusation. Kardashian’s gone through with divorce a few times at this point, so this story surprised us. To learn more, read our breakdown here.

‘Kanye’s Hell’

Our most recent story comes from Us Weekly. West is reportedly desperately trying to win Kardashian’s affections and was doing everything he could to stop the divorce. As an insider put it, “Kanye has this way of charming Kim by flexing his creative genius while also lavishing her with attention.” The Donda event, where Kardashian emerged in a wedding dress, could be a sign that the two are working it out.

Is Kardashian really “deeply conflicted”? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by clicking this link — or by talking to Kim Kardashian personally, but the link is probably much easier to do.


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