Kim Kardashian has embraced all of your hilarious memes of her divisive Meta Gala outfit

Monday’s Met Gala saw some of the world’s most famous and glamourous people serve some serious looks and eye-catching outfits but none caused more division than Kim Kardashian.

The reality TV legend wore a full head to toe Balenciaga outfit, designed by Demna Gvasalia, which literally concealed her entire body under a thick black veil, making it virtually impossible to tell who was underneath the ensemble.

Kardashian’s bold choice proved to be very divisive, with some people loving it, whereas others hated it and found it to be “bizarre and distasteful.”

Regardless of any personal thoughts on the outfit, it proved to be prime fodder for memes and it didn’t take long for social media to be overrun with hilarious jokes about Kardashian’s get-up especially when she was standing next to her younger sister Kendall Jenner.

Given that the Kardashians are often singled out by critics for merely stepping out of the house in clothing that doesn’t necessarily conform to normal stereotypes you’d think that Kim would be sick of people mocking her for wearing something so unusual.

However, on the contrary, she, much like everyone else is loving the memes and has shared several of the best on her Instagram stories.

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Firstly, you’ve got her as a ‘sleep paralysis demon.’

(Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

A women’s bathroom sign.

(Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

Kim as Kendall’s ‘anxiety.’

(Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

‘Kim, is that you?’

(Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

And finally…’BatKim Begins.’

(Kim Kardashian/ Instagram)

All we can say is fair play, Ms Kardashian. We can only hope more celebrities follow suit and willingly embrace memes.


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