Kim Kardashian helps give SNL ratings BOOST after star makes hosting debut and slams family & Kanye West in monologue

KIM Kardashian helped give Saturday Night Live a ratings boost after the reality star made her hosting debut and slammed family and Kanye West in monologue.

Kim’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut turned out to be a huge ratings bump for NBC, according to Deadline


Kim Kardashian served as host of Saturday Night Live
Kim Kardashian's SNL episode was a ratings bump


Kim Kardashian’s SNL episode was a ratings bump

Before the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took over as host, the late-night show had one of its all-time lows with the premiere of Season 47. 

The ratings were a bump above from the season premiere, which had host Owen Wilson, 52, and musical guest Kacey Musgraves, 33.

If you are looking at the numbers, Kim’s SNL episode “drew a 3.8 household live and same-day rating” in the local markets, which was a bit higher than Owen’s episode, which garnered a 3.5. 

The most-watched installment managed to outperform all of the low-rated final six telecasts from the previous season, except for one of them.


During her opening monologue, the KUWTK star took shots at her famous sisters and joked: “I’m so much more than that reference photo that my sisters showed their plastic surgeons.” 

She also targeted Caitlyn Jenner, 71, and Kayne West, 44, by joking that she was getting political and running for president.

She mentioned: “That’s why I am running for… just kidding guys, I’m not running for president. We can’t have three failed politicians in the family.”

The SNL host said she “married the best rapper of all time,” but she “divorced him” because “it came down to just one thing: his personality.”

Ever since she filed for divorce from the Donda rapper back in February, a source told the Sun that she was reportedly planning to “roast” him on the show. 


Kim and the King of Staten Island actor puckered up during their sketch of Disney’s Aladdin.

During the hilarious scene, Pete Davidson, 27, who was dressed up as Aladdin, confessed he might not be able to handle his partner “sexually.”

Kim, who played the role of Princess Jasmine, asked: “Do you feel self-conscious because I’m the daughter of a Sultan and you are just a lowly street rat? 

“Are you intimidated that I’m friends with a ton of wealthy celebrities and your only friend is a monkey?”

Pete revealed: “Jasmine, as we start getting more intimate, I’m just a little concerned that physically, I can’t handle you…

“If we go all the way, you might like break me…My thing might just break. Look at us. You’re a lot of woman and I’m so frail because all I eat is stolen bread.”

The sketch ended with the two leaning in closer for a kiss.

With the kiss and the disses, Yeezy fans jumped onto Twitter and posted memes of Kanye losing Kim’s affections. 

Kim Kardashian said she 'was not running for president'


Kim Kardashian said she ‘was not running for president’
Kim Kardashian wore a pink outfit for her opening monologue


Kim Kardashian wore a pink outfit for her opening monologueCredit: NBC
Kim Kardashian planned to 'roast' Kanye West


Kim Kardashian planned to ‘roast’ Kanye WestCredit: NBC
Kim Kardashian brutally savages her family in epic Saturday Night Live monologue as she slams Kanye West, OJ and Caitlyn

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