Kim Kardashian’s fans love her daughter North’s jabs at mom as 8-year-old’s ‘savage’ comments resurface on TikTok

KIM Kardashian’s fans gushed over her daughter North being the real star after “savage” comments she made to her mom resurfaced on TikTok.

The eight-year-old can be heard shading Kim over her music tastes, her flowers, her figurative phrases, and her time management skills.


Clips of Kim Kardashian’s daughter North calling her out on her ‘lies’ resurfaced on TikTokCredit: Splash News
In one of them, North called KIm 'mean' for saying she had to hide from her


In one of them, North called KIm ‘mean’ for saying she had to hide from herCredit: TikTok

In one resurfaced clip, Kim showed off an Olivia Rodrigo gift pack she got ahead of the singer’s debut album, Sour.

She told fans while showing off the items: “I’m so excited for her album, you guys know I love Drivers License.”

North, offscreen, called her mom out and claimed that’s a lie, saying: “You never listen to her!”


Fans on TikTok loved that she “exposed” Kim and said this was so “embarrassing” for her.

Another clip featured a collection of a few different times that North put the Skims founder on blast.

At one point, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a video of a large bouquet she had in her home, noting how lovely they looked.

“They’re really not that pretty,” North fired back.

Kim, who shares North and her other three kids with ex Kanye West, just kept on going, adding: “I love this color, I’m dying.”

At that, her daughter once again jumped in to say: “No you’re not. Or you would be in the grave.”

Another video saw Kim telling her followers how important it is to do “mental health checks on your friends,” but North simply told her that she “should be more busy with your kids, not your friends.”

After all of that, the third video in the series featured the mother of four admitting that she was hiding out in a guest room because her kids wouldn’t leave me alone. 


What she didn’t realize was that one of them, North, was nearby when she said it, causing the 8-year-old to put her in her place and tell her: “Hey, that’s mean!”

Fans really enjoyed that she’s keeping Kim “in line” and called North the “queen of clapbacks.”

These resurfaced clips of Kim’s kid come just as the Skims founder resurfaced a clip of herself from when she was a child.

The 40-year-old posted a video of her, Khloe and Kourtney as youngsters hoping to be being discovered in an epic throwback.

The trio lip-synced to Tiffany’s 1987 hit, I Think We’re Alone Now, while dressed in shimmery gold outfits.

Kim captioned the throwback: “Our Star Search audition! Clearly we didn’t get 4 stars…but Kris Jenner did for our outfits!!!!”

In another, the 8-year-old said Kim was lying when she said she listened to Olivia Rodrigo all the time


In another, the 8-year-old said Kim was lying when she said she listened to Olivia Rodrigo all the timeCredit: TikTok
Fans commented how they loved North's 'savage' comments and called her the 'queen of clapbacks'


Fans commented how they loved North’s ‘savage’ comments and called her the ‘queen of clapbacks’Credit: GC Images
Watch young Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian lip sync in over-the-top gold dresses for wild Star Search audition tape


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