Kim Zolciak Asking Followers To Sign Up For $77 A Month “Spiritual Academy”

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak doesn’t know when to quit. I thought we were rid of her when Bravo recently announced it was cancelling Don’t Be Tardy. Which lets face it, was long overdue. She can claim it was a mutual decision all she wants, but we know the truth. She’s just not interesting. At least not in a watchable way.

So now her show is gone and that income has dried up. Kim has to find a way to hustle and it doesn’t sound like KAB Cosmetics is making that happen. Kim better hustle fast because looks like husband Kroy Biermann is in a bit of trouble when it comes to owing money. So naturally, Kim has come up with a new scheme.

Kim recently took to her Instagram to announce a new, erm, venture. In a forty second long video, she urges fans to join her on a spiritual journey. She elaborated in the post’s caption.

She opened, “I am so excited to announce The Spiritual Academy! Our FIRST LIVE session is this Sunday 8/8 at 8 pm EST. This is a private members-only community for people who are truly passionate about living their best life! It is for anyone who wants to increase their vibration and manifest their desires. @nicolezeolalove and I are so passionate about this and want to help people that are ready to step into more of their power.”

Kim continued on with this nonsense, “I don’t know if you are aware but you align with whatever your dominant vibrations are. We want all of you to vibrate on the same frequency as success, happiness, and abundance and we are here to help you get there.
When you learn to increase your vibration, you will begin to manifest your dreams. Honestly, nearly every big success is built upon failure. Sometimes we are often fooled by the “darkness before the dawn” and stop before we reach that success. But with just a little push, a little encouragement, and some support it carries you through to the light and that’s why we created The Spiritual Academy.”


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She concluded, “We also oftentimes block ourselves from receiving all that we desire and @nicolezeolalove will be hosting clearings to rid you of the “blocks” and clear your chakras. I will also be doing Q&A’s, where we will dive further into all of this on Sunday. We cant wait to meet all of you! Head over to the link in my bio and click the label “Spiritual Academy” to sign up there. See you Sunday!! XOXO.”

Ok, can anyone explain to me what this all means? Fans weren’t exactly buying into it either. One commenter wrote, “Are people really this gullible?” Another added, “Glam scam.” Someone else simply wrote, “Shameless.”


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Others wondered the details, “How much is her cut? Everyone just go to church for free instead.” Fair point. And finally, someone noted, “A fool and their money  are still parted.” Whew, the internet really had some feelings about this one. In true Kim fashion, it looks like she deleted a bunch of negative comments but these slipped through.

Guess Kim needs to unblock some of her own chakras and better do it quick.


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