Kind hearted binman goes viral after giving dogs treats on his rounds

Some of us may look out of our windows eagerly waiting for the delivery driver to drop off our parcels, or perhaps others might have a quick peep to have a cheeky spy on their neighbors.

However, these two pups had a different idea: they like to greet their binman from the window every week.

TikTok user @vizslaralph posted a video of their two pooches who ran up to the window ledge after seeing the sanitation workers arrive.

The dogs wagged their tails, eager to get the attention of the binman outside.

For a moment, the two pups were convinced that the sanitation worker had forgotten about them as it appeared he had run off without acknowledging them.

Looking around with their once wagging tails slowing down, the dogs wondered where their human friend had gone.

However, in the emotional clip, the dog’s day was made when the binman came running back to give the pair some treats through the window.

The viral clip of the two pooches has now racked up 1.5 million views and 246,000 likes.

The original poster of the video captioned the clip: “The boys honestly thought the bin men had forgotten about them today.”

In the feel-good clip, the kind-hearted binman gave the dogs and owner a wave before running off to get on with his job.

TikTok users rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the touching video of the binman and the dogs.

One user commented: “This just proves deep down people are generally good.”

Another user shared how the bin man had inspired them: “I’m a postie, and I am going to buy dog treats now.”

A third user added: “This gives me hope in humanity. Thanks for sharing.”

Everyone needs a sanitation worker like this, but I hope mine brings chocolate instead of dog treats!

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