Kind stranger leaves funny message for lad who lost phone at Reading Festival

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we lose our phones.

But luckily for one lad, his misplaced mobile ended up in the hands of a very kind festivalgoer.

TikTok user @jaamieevans posted a video he had found on his phone after losing it at Reading festival over the bank holiday weekend.

In the viral video, which has now garnered 1.5 million views and 340,000 likes, Jamie explained: “ I lost my phone in Reading and found this video in the morning”.

Footage shows a young woman called ‘Amy’, who announces she’s found the phone at the festival.

Faith in humanity had instantly been restored as the young woman said: “Hi my name is Amy, I found your phone in the rave at hybrid minds and I’m trying to get it back to you.”

Kind-hearted festivalgoer Amy picked up the lost phone

In the endearing video, Amy continued: “So if you get this I’m glad you got your phone back safe.”

Amy can be seen with a friend and introduced her as “Paige”.

Sweetly, Amy ended the video by saying: “I hope you had a great time at Reading”.

Jamie captioned the video: “TikTok help me find her.”

TikTok users rushed to the comments eager to make it their mission to find the kind-hearted Amy and her friend Paige.

Reading festival message
She left the stranger a heartwarming video message

One user commented: “Instant best friend material.”

Another TikTok user added: “We need more girls like her in the world.”

And a third person simply said: “Find her!”

We now know if we ever lose our phones that we hope Amy is there to find it.

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