Kirk Medas’ Net Worth From MTV’s Floribama Shore Might Shock You

Aside from being a reality TV star on Floribama Shore, Kirk Medas is currently living life in Atlanta. According to his Instagram bio, he’s an actor, entrepreneur, and sports & music enthusiast. He’s also labeled himself a scientist! It’s obvious he spends a lot of time on social media which is pretty common for young adults in this generation. In fact, plenty of young adults are able to fund their entire lifestyles based on their social media followers and the brand deals they agree to.

On Twitter, Kirk has 575k followers, on TikTok he has 66k followers, and on Instagram, he has 280k followers. His social media success serves him well because he consistently likes posting new content in order to make it easier for his fans to keep up with him and his lifestyle. On his Instagram alone, he promotes Floribama Shore, solo pics of himself, and beautiful scenes in nature that he explores. He’s obviously been living it up. But what’s his net worth?


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