Kody Brown Helps Robyn’s Daughter Breanna In BIG Way

Sister Wives father Kody Brown documented how he was helping Robyn’s daughter and his adopted daughter Breanna in a BIG away recently. The unexpected update on the Brown family came in the form of a video Kody Brown posted on his Cameo account for a customer.

Kody Brown sends well wishes for a customer

A pretty simple video popped up on his Cameo profile recently. Kody explained a customer reached out to him to send well wishes to some friends. The Sister Wives star corrected himself noting he was just assuming the person who ordered the video was friends with the couple he was sending well wishes to. He jested that he hoped the person was their friend. Kody Brown adds that the individual who ordered the video tells him the couple he’s sending the video to were high school sweethearts.

robyn brown - sisterwives - Janelle brown
Robyn brown – sister wives – Janelle brown – youtube

He indirectly documents involvement with his adopted daughter Breanna

Now, this isn’t the first time Kody and Robyn’s children have been present in a video posted on his Cameo. As Kody talked, he explained the video was a little ironic as he was wishing someone well who shared the same name as one of his daughters. It was ironic because at that moment he happened to be with that very daughter. He panned over to show his daughter was driving the vehicle they were currently in.

Turns out, this was a pretty big moment for Kody and Robyn Brown’s daughter Breanna. Kody explains that Breanna was currently driving him and herself to take her driving test. Because Kody was in the car with her, fans assume it was likely Kody who taught Breanna how to drive prior to taking this test.

Unsurprisingly, Sister Wives fans were thrilled to get this update on one of the children within the Brown family. After all, it is usually just Kody and his wives that make media headlines.

Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown
Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown

Kody Brown often gets dragged for not being involved

This video might come as a surprise to some Sister Wives fans as they always drag Kody for not being involved in the lives of his children. But, it might not be a surprise to others as he’s also dragged for ONLY being involved in Robyn’s life and with her children. The video featured Breanna with a huge smile on her face as she appeared to drive while oozing with confidence as she sat next to her father, Kody.

Do you like seeing Kody Brown helping Robyn’s daughter Breanna with this huge milestone? Are you surprised he’s so involved? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

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