Kody Brown Makes Unexpected Appearance On Instagram

Kody Brown shook things up late last night by making an unexpected appearance on Instagram. As those who follow the Brown family on social media know, Kody isn’t exactly known for being active. He did come out of the woodwork not too long ago to promote his new hustle. His hustle was met with mixed feedback because fans weren’t too keen on him using them to make money when he hadn’t been active in such a long time.

Even on Twitter, Kody Brown only tends to be active during new seasons of his show. So, Sister Wives fans assume this sudden burst of activity is because Kody needs money.

Kody Brown makes unexpected Instagram post

No one was expecting Kody Brown to make a post on Instagram late last night. But, it happened. It wasn’t a picture of him or any of his family members. Instead, it was a picture of his backyard. Now, 157 weeks ago, Kody Brown shared a pretty similar snapshot on his profile. The caption was pretty different compared to what he included with his post from late last night.

He penned in his late-night post: “Our back yard. There was snow, lightning, a rainbow and a sunset of dreams. Love this place.”

“Dear God, when I get to Heaven can I keep this place? Is it alright if I just stay here? Anyway, thanks for this…” He added to the caption of his post from 157 weeks ago.

It is clear that Kody Brown has a deep love for the land he purchased in Flagstaff. He, however, hasn’t been able to do much with it. And, Sister Wives fans believe this is simply because he ran out of money.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Kody Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans react to rare Instagram post

Fans of Sister Wives admit they were surprised to see Kody Brown post anything. Most agreed the photo was beautiful. Some, however, also admit they wish Kody would quit living on dreams and actually start building houses on this property.

A few Sister Wives fans pointed out it was his wife Janelle that actually brought the backyard to life. And, others questioned if the photo was taken from Robyn’s house.

Are you surprised Kody Brown posted something on Instagram? Do you think this was a bit out of character for him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown and his family.

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