Sister Wives: Kody Brown Retirement Part of LulaRoe Plan?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown often faces questions about what he does for a living and a new Amazon docuseries LuLaRich might offer some insight.

Is Kody retired or hoping to retire off two of his wives working as LuLaRoe sales reps? Did Kody, the man with four wives, 18 kids, and no job shown on their TLC series, take the advice discussed in this new documentary?

If so, it could answer a lot of questions. Meri Brown and also Christine Brown work for this company – and Kody Brown’s been spotted shilling for them too. Meri joined LuLaRoe back in 2012, so she’s going on a decade of sales and recruitment with this company. But are she and Christine taking the founders’ advice on husbands when it comes to Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: Empowering Women Or Husbands?

Those interviewed in the docuseries indicate the company targets “suburban white women” with dreams of owning their own at-home business. They claim they empower these women.

They’re able to stay at home with their families and make a full-time income with a part-time workload. But this comes along with a very specific plan.

They say their goal is to empower women, but as the layers peel away, reports indicate it’s a patriarchal goal they really have in mind. So, is this the plan the Sister Wives husband, Kody Brown fell victim to?

Retirement Plan?

According to the reports collected in the Amazon docuseries, LuLaRoe preaches family. One of the goals is for their sales rep (almost all women) is to let their husbands retire and help them with this business. Many of the husbands and wives who made it big with LuLaRoe appeared in this docuseries.

One of the many things they had in common with Kody Brown is the husbands didn’t work. They helped their wives with the business. The husbands also appeared in online sales events like the ones that Kody’s Sister Wives ladies hold online.

Meri and Christine sell their clothing items online to their followers by going live on Facebook. Much like what the other LuLaRoe couples report,  Kody too, as a husband has stepped in to help on a few of these live events.

Did Sister Wives Hubby Discover Hidden Agenda From LuLaRoe?

A few of the couples in the Netflix series said that this has nothing to do with keeping families at home together. Getting the husband to quit their jobs makes the family totally dependent on LuLaRoe. So, the company is assured that they’ll continue to make money for them.

The docuseries presents evidence that Mark and DeAnne preach a patriarchal lifestyle. They offer books and workshops on how a woman should please her husband.

Several of the former LuLaRoe sales reps recounted in the LuLaRich docuseries that DeAnne advised them to be more submissive to their husbands. Kody has often dubbed himself the “leader” of the Sister Wives family, so that sounds as if it’s right up his alley.

And The Money Rolling In…

The LuLaRich docuseries seemed to shine some light on where some of the behavior seen on Sister Wives might stem from. As a top sales rep, it appears Meri Brown’s paychecks were astronomical.

Top sales reps of the company receive awards, one is the LuLaRoe cruise. Soap Dirt previously reported that Meri Brown has been a passenger on several of the LuLaRoe cruises. So, it seems this would suggest that the Sister Wives first wife, is a top sales rep.

The amount made by this Sister Wives sales rep is not known, other top sales reps reported what they made monthly from this company. They ranged from $45k up to three figures when it came to monthly bonus checks. Not yearly but monthly.

So, maybe this empowered Kody Brown enough to retire. After all, the founders of this company set that goal for the LuLaRoe families. But from the looks of things, there’s a chance Meri Brown may have decided after all to empower herself and that might just be at the heart of the big rift between these two.

Meri Brown did go out and buy herself Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Kody appears on all the deeds for the property that each of his Sister Wives ladies owns. But Kody didn’t seem to take it well when Meri purchased this all on her own. It seemed it all went downhill from there for Kody Brown and the first Sister Wives bride he married.


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