Kody Brown Spills Secret About Robyn’s Daughter Breanna 

Sister Wives star Kody Brown did a Cameo video for a customer while his adopted daughter with Robyn Brown was driving. As we previously reported, the TLC father revealed his daughter was heading to her driving test. He discussed it being funny that the name of the person receiving the video was the same as his daughter. Kody also revealed the individuals receiving the video were high school sweethearts. He clarified they while he had nothing against high school sweethearts, this information did remind him of a secret he wanted to share about Robyn’s daughter

Sister Wives Robyn Brown - Kody brown
Sister Wives Robyn Brown – Kody brown /Youtube


Kody Brown spills Robyn’s daughter’s secret on Cameo

The proud father wanted everyone to know that his daughter Breanna was in high school and getting her driver’s license. And, she had never had a boyfriend. The Sister Wives star admits he’s pretty happy with the situation. As most fathers would agree, he wasn’t that interested in his 16-year-old old daughter having a boyfriend.

He also called attention to her being “sweet sixteen.” Robyn’s daughter Breanna turned 16 just last month.

Kody Brown cameo
Kody Brown cameo

His Cameo reveals he’s been spending a lot of time with Robyn’s children

Sister Wives fans often drag Kody Brown for spending all of his free time with Robyn and her children. His Cameo content confirms he’s with Robyn and her children pretty regularly. While Robyn Brown has not popped up in any of his Cameo videos… Several of his children with her have shown up in the background of the videos.

Thanks to Instagram activity, fans know Kody regularly visits and spends time with Janelle Brown. Janelle has called attention to Kody coming to the RV to spend time with her on a few different occasions. She called attention to this after fans blasted her for her absent husband.

Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown
Sister Wives Kodty Brown Breanna Brown

Fans, however, do not believe Kody spends very much time with Meri or Christine Brown at this time. In fact, fans are not even sure Kody is still in a relationship with Meri or Christine at this point in time.

Are you surprised Kody Brown wanted to reveal that his daughter Breanna has never had a boyfriend? Do you understand why that makes the Sister Wives star so happy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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