Kody Brown Turns Truely OFF On Boys, Wants Something Else Instead

Turns out, Kody Brown may have turned his daughter Truely off when it comes to boys and boyfriends. In fact, she’s convinced there’s something else a girl needs instead. What is it that Truely Brown wants instead of a boyfriend? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Christine Brown reveals Truely doesn’t want boys

Christine Brown took to her profile and her Instagram Stories to reveal she was spending some time watching Mykelti and Tony’s daughter Avalon. Truely was sitting next to the little one on the couch. Sister Wives fans thought it was adorable that aunt Truely wasn’t really phased by the baby on the couch. She was much more interested in keeping her head in the book she was reading. Moreover, Sister Wives fans LOVED when any of Kody Brown’s wives shared photos or video clips involving their children. Typically, their social media content only involves the wives. So, getting an update on any of the children (or grandchildren) is a rare treat that fans appreciate.

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On her Instagram Stories, Christine reveals Truely has some information to share about the Disney Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Truely explained that Sleeping Beauty wasn’t describing a man as someone she needed. What Princess Aurora really needed in her life was simple. A pet. Truely continued to explain that everything the Sleeping Beauty princess claimed to need in a man… She could also get from a pet.

Sister Wives fans thought it was incredibly wise of Truely to not have an interest in boys at such a young age. Some, however, couldn’t help but wonder if her father was to blame for this train of thought.

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Has Kody Brown driven his daughter away from men?

Presently, none of Kody Browns’ children have an interest in following in his polygamous lifestyle. Fans assume this is something that saddens Kody. Some Sister Wives fans also like to joke that Kody has driven several of his daughters away from men.

Are you surprised Truely Brown thinks Disney princesses just need to get pets instead of princes? Do you think Kody Brown might’ve turned Truely off to boys? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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