Kourtney Kardashian encounters massive SPIDER at her LA home after sister Khloe complains about shady ‘snakes’

THE Kardashian household found itself in chaos today as Kourtney came across a HUGE spider in her LA home.

Kourtney’s startling discovering comes just hours after her sister Khloe made an ominous post, calling out “shady b***hes” on Instagram.


Kourtney sees a spiderCredit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian
Khloes cryptic post


Khloes cryptic postCredit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

The reality star took to her Instagram story to post a creepy snap of the huge arachnid in her house.

Kourtney, who shares her three children with Scott Disick, found the spider inside her home, much to the dismay of her fans/

Later in the tumultuous day, Kourtney’s younger sister, Khloe posted a cryptic message on social media.


The 37-year-old wrote: “Be careful outside, it’s raining shady b***hes everywhere!!”

The post came after the family’s ex-friend, Jordyn Woods spoke out about being “canceled” on an episode of MTV Cribs.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star clapped back after her nemesis told fans that “only God” can cancel her.

The TV personality closed out her note with a green snake emoji, as she alluded to her feud with the model.


In 2019, Khloe broke up with her baby daddy Tristan, 30, after he allegedly hooked up with Jordyn at a house party.

Last week, the YouTube star seemed to reference their falling out while appearing on an episode of MTV Cribs.


While giving a tour of her home on Wednesday, she opened up a package that contained T-shirts with the words “Oh s**t I’ve been canceled” and “Please don’t cancel me.”

Jordyn then seemingly hinted at Khloe and her baby daddy by saying: “They tried it already, I’ve already been in that position.”

“I truly believe the only person who can cancel you is God and God isn’t going to cancel you,” she expressed.

The young model’s mother nodded in agreement as she added: “And that’s the truth.”


Khloe and Tristan share a three-year-old daughter named True, but their dating history has been marked with repeated cheating scandals.

Prior to Jordyn’s alleged makeout session with the basketball player, she was living in the same house as Kylie Jenner, her now ex-best friend.

The family then cut all ties with Jordyn, which included removing her as a model for their various brands and cutting off the joint makeup project between her and Kylie.

Khloe and Tristan reconciled during the pandemic as they quarantined together with their daughter, but split just a few months ago when more cheating rumors emerged.


The Good American founder has shown her fair share of backlash towards Jordyn after her evening with the NBA player, but it backfired when she faced criticism for calling her “fat” on national television.

In a 2019 episode of the E! show that recently resurfaced, the mother of one said that Jordyn has a “fat a**hole.”

Khloe flew with her friend Malika Haqq to Palm Springs in an effort to recover from the heartbreaking scandal, where she indulged in a tequila-filled night before calling her ex on the phone.

During the conversation, Tristan denied any foul play, to which the TV star screamed in reply: “Liar!”

She then called Jordyn and the Sacramento Kings player “fat a**holes.”

“They both admitted it to me. Both of them,” she continued.

“Those both fat f**king a**holes. Don’t f**king lie to me though about lying though,” she ranted.


After the couple’s most recent split, Khloe has said that she will no longer “settle” in life.

The blonde took to Instagram this week to write: “Millions of people live their entire lives on default settings, never realizing they can customize almost anything.

“Don’t be one of them. Don’t just settle for the default settings. Don’t live the same day 3,000 times and call it a life,” her message continued.

“Dream. Attempt. Explore. Today is the beginning of anything you want.”

Kourtney with Penelope and Reign


Kourtney with Penelope and ReignCredit: Instagram
Kourtney has "beef" with Jordyn


Kourtney has “beef” with JordynCredit: Getty

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